What’s a pen pal club without a steady flow of geeky and adorable stationery!?

Let’s get back to the basics of snail mail creation. Getting ready to send a letter off to a pen pal? How about starting with some awesome stationery to knock their socks off?! This swap is a chance to freshen up your stash by trading supplies with fellow iggles. All varieties of materials are welcome, whether you want to share items with unique designs or featuring your favorite fandoms. Goodies may be premade or stuff you’ve created yourself!


  • Matching email: June 1
  • Mail your package by: June 30


Participants will be paired with one other person. You and your partner will receive a swap info email containing information you provide on the form below. You and your partner are then expected to contact each other to trade addresses and to work out other details regarding your swap. You’ll have until July 31 to mail out your package.

We ask that you provide a tracking number to your swap partner.

You will have the option to indicate that prefer to ship domestically only. We’ll do our best to honor your preference, but the ability to do so of course depends on whether another person from your country signs up for the swap.


You’ll send sheets of paper,  greeting cards, and/or postcards decorated with geeky/cute/fun designs.

Store-bought and homemade designs are welcome!

It’s okay to send extra (ex: envelopes, stickers, erasers, rubber stamps, or non-stationery items like candy) but it’s NOT REQUIRED. We suggest hammering out details directly with your swap partner.

SUGGESTED $20 spending limit. You may spend more than that, but there’s NO PRESSURE to spend tons of money. It’s the thought that counts!

Please try to be mindful of each other’s budgets!

Show off your haul!

We LOVE to see what you receive. Post pictures to Discord under #stationery-swap or tag @geekgirlpenpals on Instagram to be featured in our stories.

Can’t finish your swaps?

Life happens, we understand. If you’re unable to complete your swap, please notify Kara and all of your swap partners ASAP. Anyone who fails to complete a swap without notice may be banned from participating in future official swaps, at staff discretion.

Swap Angels available

Occasionally a package is lost or a participant has to drop out. Swap Angels are volunteers who go above and beyond to send an extra swap to replace one that went missing.

This is a random act of kindness – you will not receive a package in return!

Becoming a swap angel is optional. Tick the check box on the form if you’d like to step up to send a replacement in the event an issue arises.

Questions or concerns?

This swap is managed by Staffer Kara who can be reached via email. Don’t hesitate to contact her with any inquiries or safety concerns.

If you are on mobile, click here to access the sign up form directly.

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