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You can’t go to IGGPPCamp without your lovingly packed IGGPPCamp Care Package!

Sign ups open July 15
Sign ups end July 28
Matches announced July 29
Mail packages by August11

Please read all about the swap then sign up through the form linked at the bottom of this page!

Camp is a time of troops, friendship bracelets, s’mores, and of course – receiving camp care packages! Through this swap, campers will send each other surprises and favorite items to enjoy while away at IGGPPCamp.

How the swap works

  • Read all the rules! Fill out the form below! Get ready for an awesome time!
  • Matches will be announced by the deadline above. You will receive an email from iggleswaps@gmail.com with your partner’s email address and name.
  • This is a surprise swap! The camper you send a package to will NOT be the same camper who sends you a package!
  • Please mail your packages promptly. You are aiming to get your packages to your camper before/around the time of IGGPPCamp. Keep in mind international mail can take up to 3 weeks.

What to send in your package

We are swapping camp care packages. They can be store-bought or handmade items. Snacks, candy, games, art, stickers, cards, toys, friendship bracelets – anything you think your partner would enjoy based on the info they provide about themselves!

Suggested spending amount: $15 but you may spend as much as you’d like. Just be aware that many campers may spend $15 or less. We encourage you to include a handwritten letter!! You may send goodies with a geeky twist, or just use this opportunity to shower your recipient with random, fun goodies.

Swap Angels

Occasionally, a package is lost in the mail or someone has to drop out of the swap. To remedy this situation, we ask for iggles to volunteer to be “angels”! Swap angels are wonderful, kind iggles who go the extra mile and send an extra package to the person who never received theirs. Keep in mind: this is a random act of kindness and you will not receive a package in return.

Becoming a swap angel is OPTIONAL. If you’d like to be an angel for this swap, click the check box on the sign up form that says you’re interested. If an angel is needed, you will be contacted with more information on how to complete your assignment.

Share pictures of your swaps!

We encourage everyone to share images of their swaps! Tweet and Instgram pictures of your haul to @iggleswaps / @geekgirlpenpals, and use #IGGPPC and #IGGPPCamp and #IggleSwaps !

The Rules

Swaps Safety! 

Keeping our swaps a safe and positive space is of the utmost importance. You can find our community’s safety guidelines HERE. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or concerns. You now must be at least 18 years of age to participate in any of our swaps.

International Swappers
There is an option on the form to opt out of being assigned an iggle who is outside your country. If you choose not to ship internationally, we’ll do our best to pair you with someone in your country, but keep in mind this may not be possible. There’s a chance you may have an international partner even if you select no to international shipping. If you are absolutely unable to ship internationally please do not sign up for this swap.

Allowing 2 weeks for international shipping is highly recommended.

Can’t complete your end of the swap?
If you cannot finish this swap email or tweet us ASAP. Anyone who fails to complete a swap without notice will not be allowed to participate in future Official IGGPPC Swaps.

Questions, concerns, complaints?
This swap is managed by Camp Nurse Buffalo. You can reach her via email or Twitter. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at all!

Ready to go to camp? CLICK HERE to sign up to send a care package!

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