IGGPPC is turning nine!

Each year we celebrate the founding of our community with a snail mail exchange (of course!) of birthday cards. Check out our about page ( to learn the story behind our community and how we’ve grown since we began in March 2013. Toot your party horn and grab a fistful of confetti to throw, and get ready to (mailbox) party with your fellow iggles!


Everyone who signs up will be added to a spreadsheet which will be emailed to all participants. You are responsible for contacting fellow iggles to request swaps. You may request as many as you wish, but please be considerate and do not accept more swaps than you can handle.


  • Sign ups are open until March 10.
  • A link to the participant spreadsheet will be emailed out shortly afterwards.
  • Mail your cards by March 31. The sooner the better!


The idea is to send each other cheerful birthday greetings – in the form of greeting cards, postcards, or letters – to celebrate this wonderful community together. You may include optional surprises such as candy or stickers, but keep in mind – the birthday greeting itself is the only requirement.

  • Your birthday greetings may be either hand made or store bought!
  • You may delete your contact info from the spreadsheet once you decide you have enough swaps.
  • You may decline international swaps. Please note: this may limit the amount of swap requests you get.
  • Review the safety guidelines for our community. Decline any swaps that make you feel unsafe and contact Kara immediately.
  • All swap participants must also abide by our community’s Terms & Conditions.

Show off your haul!

We LOOOOOVE to see everyone’s swap hauls! Post pictures to Twitter and Instagram and remember to tag @iggleswaps @geekgirlpenpals and hashtags #IGGPPC #IggleSwaps

Can’t finish your swaps?

Life happens, we understand. If you’re unable to complete your swap, you MUST notify Kara and all of your partners as soon as possible. Anyone who fails to complete a swap without notice may be banned from participating in future official swaps, at staff discretion.

Questions or concerns?

This swap is managed by Staffer Kara, who can be reached via email or Twitter. Do not hesitate to reach out to her, especially if you feel unsafe or you have any problems. All inquiries are welcome.


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