valentines-topWho’s ready for a mailbox full of LOVE?!

What the world needs now is love, sweet love ♪♫♪ …good thing we Geek Girl Pen Pals are located all over the globe, ready to fire off envelopes exploding with hearts! In this swap we’ll send each other valentines filled with words of encouragement, love, and kindness. Please read through these guidelines before you sign up below.


Everyone who signs up will be added to a spreadsheet which will be emailed to all participants. You are responsible for contacting fellow iggles to request swaps. You may request as many as you wish, but please be considerate and do not accept more swaps than you can handle.


  • Sign ups are open NOW through February 1.
  • A link to the participant spreadsheet will be emailed out shortly after.
  • Mail your cards by February 28. The sooner the better!


We’re sending each other festive valentines! Greeting cards are swell, but postcards also count! You may include optional surprises such as candy or stickers, but keep in mind – sending a valentine is the only requirement. Feel free to jot a message of encouragement, a favorite quote, a haiku, a limerick… be as creative as you want!

  • Valentines may be either hand made or store bought.
  • You may delete your contact info from the spreadsheet once you decide you have enough swaps.
  • You may decline international swaps. Please note: this may limit the amount of swap requests you get.
  • Review our community safety guidelines. Decline any swaps that make you feel unsafe and contact Kara immediately.
  • All participants must also abide by our community’s Terms & Conditions.

Show off your haul!

We LOVE to see what you receive. Post pictures to Discord under #valentine-swap or tag @geekgirlpenpals on Instagram to be featured in our stories.

Can’t finish your swaps?

Life happens, we understand. If you’re unable to complete your swap, please notify Kara and all of your swap partners ASAP. Anyone who fails to complete a swap without notice may be banned from participating in future official swaps, at staff discretion.

Questions or concerns?

This swap is managed by Staffer Kara who can be reached via email. Don’t hesitate to contact her with any inquiries or safety concerns.


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