Welcome to IGGPPC’s Official Geeky Santa Gift Swap!


  • SIGN UPS OPEN November 20-30ish
  • Expect a match email by: Thursday, November 30
  • Mail your package by: Saturday, December 9

Ho ho ho, Geeky Santa is coming to town! The holiday season marks one of our biggest swap events of the year!! In this swap, iggles all over the world will send and receive packages full of merry holiday cheer in the form of small gifts and treats with a personalized, geeky twist.


A LITTLE BIT GEEKY: When you sign up to swap, you’ll answer questions about your likes including your geek loves. This is to help your Geeky Santa personalize your gift for you.

AND A LITTLE BIT SECRET SANTA: Everyone sends and receives ONE package. Participants will be paired at random. What makes this swap extra special is the iggle you prepare a package for is NOT the same iggle who will be sending a package to you!


  • International shipping is quite expensive, so you can choose to swap domestically only.
    • Europeans, you have an additional option to ship within Europe only.
    • We do our best to honor everyone’s preference, but cannot guarantee matches will work out. In the event that you cannot be accommodated, you’ll be notified.
  • The sooner you ship, the better. It is recommended you allow 2 weeks minimum for shipping, especially internationally.
  • Please obtain a tracking number. After shipping your package, you must complete a MANDATORY check in using this form. You’ll may submit either a tracking # or a picture of your receipt. This keeps the swap fair.
  • If you are unable to mail your package by the deadline, please notify swap organizer Kara immediately


You can choose to buy one big gift or multiple small items. When you receive your matching email, read your partner’s details very carefully, because the gift you create for them should be tailored to their preferences. Be as creative as you’d like – the package itself does not necessarily have to be holiday themed. Extreme geekiness is heartily encouraged!

  • Suggested spending amount: USD $20, however we don’t enforce a limit.
    • Keep in mind your Geeky Santa may not spend the same amount you spend.
  • Homemade gift items are encouraged, but all edible treats must be store bought and non-perishable.
  • You may reveal your identity OR remain anonymous, but at minimum please identify yourself as “Geeky Santa”.


Occasionally, a package gets lost in the mail or someone has to drop out of the swap. To remedy this situation, we ask for iggles to volunteer to be “angels”! Swap Angels are wonderfully kind iggles who go the extra mile and send an additional package to the person who never received theirs. Note: this is a random act of kindness and angels do not receive a package in return.

Becoming a swap angel is optional. If you’d like to be an angel for this swap, tick the check box on the sign up form. If an angel is needed, you’ll be contacted with more info on how to complete your assignment.

Show off your haul!

We LOVE to see what you receive. Post pictures to Discord under #geeky-santa-swap or tag @geekgirlpenpals on Instagram to be featured in our stories.

Can’t finish your swaps?

Life happens, we understand. If you’re unable to complete your swap, please notify Kara and all of your swap partners ASAP. Anyone who fails to complete a swap without notice may be banned from participating in future official swaps, at staff discretion.

Questions or concerns?

This swap is managed by Staffer Kara who can be reached via email. Don’t hesitate to contact her with any inquiries or safety concerns.


Once you’ve read all of the guidelines carefully, sign up below!

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