It’s spooky season, let’s paint the town black and orange! Each October the Halloween enthusiasts of our community swap boxfuls of festive delights. From candy to candles to stickers to decorations and more, it’s time to fill each other’s mailboxes with trick-or-treat cheer!

Psst! We have a second official swap this year! If you’d like to participate in a more affordable swap, check out the Official Halloween Card Swap! The rest of this page contains information about the Halloween BOX Swap only.

Dates to Know

  • Sign Up By Thursday, September 30
  • Matches Sent Friday, October 1
  • Mail By • Saturday, October 23

How It Works

In this swap you will be matched with one partner and the two of you will send each other boxes full of all the Halloweeniest stuff you can imagine! This can include, but is not limited to Halloween-themed: stationery supplies, candy, decorations, jewelry, toys, trinkets, books, etc. You’ll be asked to provide a little additional info about your interests on the sign up form to inspire your swap partner.

If you want to discuss ideas for this swap and more, please join us in our swap-specific channel on the Official IGGPPC Discord: #halloween-box-swap


Suggested spending limit $20. You and your partner may agree on a higher limit, but please be aware that this swap is about sharing festive Halloween cheer and NOT about sending expensive items.

While handmade items (such as art or jewelry) are acceptable, in the interest of safety we ask that any edible goodies are storebought only. Please do not send homemade food to your swap partner.

You must agree to abide by our community Terms and Conditions in order to participate in this swap. You must be at least 17 years of age to participate.

Can’t Finish Your Swap?

Life happens and sometimes you find yourself unable to follow through on a swap. That is okay! We just ask you please be courteous to your swap partner and notify them as well as Staffer Kara as soon as possible. Participants who fail to complete a swap without giving prompt notice may not be allowed to participate in future swaps, at IGGPPC staff discretion.

Swaps Angels

Sometimes a package gets lost in the mail or a partner has to drop out of a swap. Swaps Angels to the rescue! Angels are community members who fulfill incomplete swaps out of the goodness of their iggle hearts! This is considered a random act of kindness and Swap Angels do NOT receive a swap in return. If you are interested in volunteering to be a Swap Angel, please indicate so on the form below. You will be notified if you are needed.

Questions or Concerns?

This is an official IGGPPC swap coordinated by Staffer Kara. She is available to answer questions or assist with any problems/concerns! Don’t hesitate to contact her if you need help: swaps(at)geekgirlpenpals(dot)com

Make sure to check out our community safety guidelines and FAQ.

Show Us What Ya Got!

We LOVE to see a good haul. Please snap pictures of your unboxing and post them to social media. Tag @iggleswaps on Twitter and Instagram and we’ll repost/retweet you! We also encourage you to share your photos in our swap-specific Discord channel: #halloween-box-swap

Good swap etiquette includes notifying your partner directly once you receive your package. Please let them know your swap has arrived safe and sound!

Sign Up Below!

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