Did you have a fun week at camp? We hope you did! Friendship bracelets are a great way to remember your camp friends all year long. They’re easy to make and require few supplies.


All you need is:

  •  string, yarn or embroidery thread
  •  scissors
  • something to keep your bracelet in place, whether it’s tape or a safety pin

There are a lot of friendship bracelet DIYs out there but we thought we’d share the ‘classics’ with you. We found three simple videos from Martha Stewart to show you and explain the steps in making these bracelets.

Beginner design – Staircase

Intermediate design – Basic Stripe

Advanced design – Chevron

Once you have the basic knotting technique down – the sky’s the limit! Check out more amazing friendship patterns here, or create your own unique band!


Images from HonestlyWTF. Click the photo for a link to the tutorial!