Good Day Campers! Saturday for IGGPPCamp was one of the busiest days of our week of fun. It’s so jam packed that I am gonna jump right in…

Paper Crowns with Leah

We got to grips with our inner queen as Leah taught us how to make paper crowns for budget regal realness! Get involved on twitter using the code #royaliggleness

Crowns L-R @ephemiika / @traceYevidence / @EiTHELEEN

Crowns L-R @ephemiika / @traceYevidence / @EiTHELEEN

Craft Challenge – House GlaDOS

Saturday’s craft challenge from Noxy was to make a portal cake out of felt, which made me, leader of House GlaDOS, infinitely happy! This cake is not a lie…



Fitness Challenge – Cardio Madness

Today’s fitness challenge from The Mighty Jerd is all about getting that heart rate up! Remember to stay hydrated!



Taco Those Nails!

Tacos have been an underlying theme of camp this year so Kimberlee taught us how to rock them on our nails!


Camp Food

When camping, either in your living room or in the great outdoors, it is important that you have plenty of awesome food to keep those energy levels up! Sophie taught us how to make some seriously tasty food including a good breakfast fry up, pizza pitta and camp donuts (among many other things!)


Ghost Story Competition: Part Boo Winner!

Melissa scared us with her Alice in Wonderland-esque story. We won’t spoil it, go read it for yourself!

Saturday also brought us two live events that you can catch up on now if you missed them…

Branding and Setting up a Shop with Prudence and The Crow

Prudence and the Crow charmed us as they passed on their years of wisdom and knowledge to teach us all about how to go about setting up your own business doing something that you love! Remember: Be A Brave Tiger

Geeks of Color Panel

Troop Leader Kara (aka Buffalo) lead an informative and engaging discussion with geek ladies of color Yissel, Nina, Paloma, Justine and Jamila on topics including racism in cosplay, the lack of creators who are women of color, media representation and the intersection of race and gender.

And that wraps up Saturday 23rd at IGGPPCamp! Only one day left…let’s make it count!