Each month, we’ll be releasing 2 episodes for Charm Bomb. One titled “Iggle bits” – which is club updates, and Ask JimBob, and the second one, which is our main episode of Charm Bomb, where we all chat about the monthly theme and do other fun segments and games.

Stewie, Toasty, Rosa, Hadas, and Summer are here to tell you all about what’s coming up for the IGGPPC this month!

Sign Up Theme:
This month’s theme is Animation Celebration, where we revel in our favorite animated classics and reflect on our beloved cartoons of years gone past. Sign up for a pen pal on the 15th of the month!

Craft Activities:
Join Noxy, our head of all things crafty, as she guides you through this month’s craft challenges. First, you’ll design a magazine that’s all about YOU, based on your geeky interests. Second, the paint challenge this month is to paint your favorite animated character. Use #igglecc and #igglepc to share your work!

Our resident bookworms, Michelle and Lizzie, have selected for club members to read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, Fray by Joss Whedon and Andy Owens, and Harry Potter and theHalf Blood Prince by JK Rowling. Use #iggleworms to share your thoughts!

Movie Watchalongs:
This month, Regan and Kristy want you to watchalong as we watch Snow White, Walt Disney’s first animated full-length feature, as well as Toy Story.

House Organa has a Star Wars watchalong planned. Join them to watch Episode 2 this month, and check the calendar to see when! They’ve also planned a Google Hangout, so check the calendar for that.

Conventions & Events:
BOOK CON May 30-1 in NYC. IGGPPC +5 Charisma Bloggers Hadas and Debbie (aka Bad Rolf) will be at the literary con and want to see you there! Check out the forum post and let us know if you’re coming too!

C2E2 APRIL 24-26 IN CHICAGO. Join IGGPPC staff members Stewie, Valerie, Joanna and Sumsy in the Windy City for a weekend of fun and fandom. Follow us on twitter to meet up with us at the con, or join us Sunday morning for a meet up brunch at Geek Bar. Check the facebook page for more info.

This month we have a number of swaps happening over on the swap forum! From comic books, mix tapes, recipe books, stickers, craft supplies, and pin/button swaps, you are sure to find a swap you love! Be sure to check on the forums for all the details –  geekgirlpenpals.com/forums.

IT’S COMING!!! We’re getting ready for our 2nd annual IGGPPCamp in August, 2015! Check out the site post to find out what Camp is all about!

We’d like you to meet our little friend who is here to help you out! Use #AskJimbob or post a comment on this blog post to ask him a question and YOU could be featured on our next episode! Find out what he sounds like by listening to the episode!

See ya around iggles!

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Stay tuned for the first full episode coming in the next week!

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