Summer, StewieHadasToasty,  and Rosa are here for the second full episode of Charm Bomb!

NERDY NEWS (00:00:31)- Even though all five hosts are technically part of House Glados, Stewie had us pitted against each other to represent the four IGGPPC houses. Find out which house won and test your Nerdy News knowledge!

MAIN DISCUSSION (00:07:01)- May’s sign up theme is Supervillains! What is a Supervillain? Is it the antagonist of a Superhero? Is it solely a comic book villain with powers? Ever had a crush on a Supervillain?

SUPERVILLAIN OR CLOWN (00:39:45) and SUPERVILLAIN ORIGINS (00:44:02)- Summer came up with two great games to test our Supervillain IQ. Play along!

FANDOM FAVS (00:46:50)- Every month we’ll pick a fandom to learn about and discuss our favorite or most relatable characters. This time we talked about the vampire lurve sensation the Twilight Saga. You won’t want to miss nonreader Summer’s explanation of the plot.
Here’s the quiz we took.

See Ya Around Iggles!


We turned ourselves into Supervillains, in honor of this month’s theme! Turn yourself into one here and post it in the comments.

hadas-villain rosa-villain stewie-villain sumsy-villain toasty
In order from left to right: Hadas, Rosa, Stewie, Sumsy and Toasty

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Ep 2: Supervillains Club Updates

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