Summer, Toasty, and Hadas are here for the HALLOWEEN episode of Charm Bomb!

HallowIggles is happening NOW! Get in the spirit with this special Charm Bomb: Halloween episode!

Full Size Candy Bars Charm Bomb Halloween Episode Podcast

Nerdy News: The time where Hadas wins, but does she really?

Our Favorite Dark Fairytales, Scary Movies, Costumes, Halloween Goodies and more! Check out Summer’s amazing Laura Palmer costume! (Here’s the dress Hadas mentioned.)

Summer Sumsy Charm Bomb Halloween Episode Podcast Laura Palmer Twin Peaks Costume

Fandom Favs: We were all about Adventure Time this Halloween episode!

Here‘s the quiz we took to find out which member of Adventure Time we are. Let us know which one you got!

Geek Loves: Rosa curated her favs from recent sign ups and Toasty calls for some more Jeep geeks!

See Ya Around Iggles!

Thanks to OmniBoi for letting us use his track Cloudsurfing. Check him out on SoundCloud!

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