StewieSummerToastyHadas, and Rosa are here to tell you all about what’s coming up for the IGGPPC this month!


This month’s theme is all about supervillains. Who is the baddest baddy you know of, and the foe you’d hate to fight? Keep this theme in mind all month long as we celebrate and submit to the power of our most feared of foes, supervillains!


Iggle Crafts

Join Noxy and get crafty with Iggle Crafts. Create 3-12 artist trading cards for our craft challenge, and paint an animal dressed as your favorite villain for our paint challenge! Follow @IggleCrafts on Twitter. Use #igglecc or #igglepc to share your work on Twitter and Instagram.


Iggle Bookworms

Join Michelle and Lizzie for some good reads! Iggle BookWorms are reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan and for the comic of the month, they are reading Batman: The Killing Joke. They are also planning movie nights with movies based on books, so be sure to stay updated on the Good Reads page, @Igglebookworms on Twitter, and on the forums!


Iggle Flicks

This month join Kristy and Regan as we watch some movies together! Iggle Flicks are watching Maleficent, The Fifth Element and the Dark Knight. Be sure to hit the forums and join the discussion after watching. Also use #iggleflicks on Twitter to share your thoughts!


Iggle Fitness

Every month, Iggle Fitness presents two challenges. One is a wellness challenge and one is a fitness challenge. This month’s wellness challenge is Walk for Wellness. They’re challenging iggles to track their steps and reach their step goals. They’re also doing a Glam Gams fitness challenge to tone up our thighs and calves. Check out their blog post for more info about the challenges and set your goals. Also make sure to check iggle fitness out on instagram at and facebook at and also on pinterest! Also make sure to check back on the blog around May 15th for a post about fitness and pole dancing. Follow @igglefitness on Twitter! Check out the fitness activity forums for links and support!


Iggle Videogames

We’re proud to announce we have a video game team, offering achievements in exchange for playing video games! Angelica and Kathy want you to play Plague Ink, Life is Strange, Diablo 3, Mario Kart 8, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Play 1, 3 or all 5 of the games to unlock the achievement! Stay tuned, because they may be planning maybe an MMO night as well. Use #igglesgame and follow @igglegamers on Twitter!

Iggle Events

Mathilde will be representing the IGGPPC at Geekopolis in Paris, France from May 23-24. She will be running 3 IGGPPC activities and the theme for Geekopolis is Supervillains, to match our own theme! One more quick reminder that Debbie and I will be at Book Con on May 30-1 in NYC.

In April, Stewie, Joanna, Valerie and Sumsy all attended C2E2 in Chicago on behalf of the IGGPPC. Stay tuned this month as they post a blog post containing all the deets and photos! Check out #igglesdoc2e2 to find out about their adventures.


This month we have a number of swaps happening over on the swaps forum! Love mugs or lip balms? Then there’s a swap for you. Be sure to check on the forums for all the details, or maybe even start your own – Use #iggleswaps to share photos of your swaps, and follow @iggleswaps on Twitter for all the news!


Iggle Tabletop Gaming

Join Sarah for some Tabletop Gaming fun! Play Sentinels of the Multiverse anytime this month, or with other iggles May 15-17. Follows @iggppctabletop on Twitter for all the info and use #igglesplay to share your thoughts on the game!

House News

Join House GLaDOS for Space month. All month long they are hosting space themed activities for House GLaDOS members, including a space themed swap, bake-along, quiz and games that are out of this world! Be sure to follow @houseglados on Twitter!

Join House Organa for a May basket swap and a Star Wars bake-along. Check the House Organa forums for all the details or follow @houseorgana on Twitter!


Applications for Camp Counselors for this year’s IGGPPCamp are now open. Head over to to find out how you can apply! We’re seeking 6 total counselors in pairs of 2 to lead 3 troops.


Join us for a new game on Instagram called #iggletag, that mashes up photo tag with an ask and answer question. Iggles have already posted a bunch of responses, so find #iggletag on Instagram to join in!

Geek Loves

Every month we’ll share our favorite most interesting Geek Loves that Pen Pals submitted for a previous sign up round.

Ask JimBob

You asked and he answered! To get your questions answered by JimBob tweet #AskJimBob at @IGGPPCHQ on Twitter!

See Ya Around Iggles!

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