Summer, Toasty, and Rosa are here for a Special CAMP Episode of Charm Bomb!

IGGPPCamp is coming very soon. August 13-18th, in fact! Get the scoop on all things camp in this special episode!

Our Camp Experiences: portapotties, Parent Trap envy, delicious camp foods, and more!

Favorite Pop Culture Camps: Camp Walden, Camp Towanda, Camp Chippewa and more!

camp walden parent trap lindsey lohancamp towanda wet hot american summerCamp Chippewa Addams Family
IGGPPCamp Preview: Watchalongs, Trivia, Blanket Forts, Baking, and more!

Camp Songs with Summer and Toasty: No preview needed, just listen! : )

Here‘s the quiz we took to find out which Fictional Camp we would belong to. Let us know which one you got!

See Ya Around Iggles!

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Image Sources: Camp Walden, Camp TowandaCamp Chippewa