Greetings iggles! We hope you have heard the good news! We’re venturing into the realm of podcasting. We’re pleased to introduce a little teaser episode about our brand new podcast, Charm Bomb… so listen up, and tune in!

A special thanks to the talented Omniboi for lending us his musical talents. The music heard in our podcast is “Cloudsurfing” by Omniboi Check him out on SoundCloud!

Who is behind Charm Bomb?

stewie Stewie
The Wonder Pixie
Stewie is a graphic designing, blogging, wonder pixie, with pastel hair, cute tattoos, and probably too many cats. Her goal in life is to spread whimsy, love, and friendship to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Oh, and to one day meet an Ewok. She’s co-founder of the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. In addition to wrangling iggles, Stewie loves to blog. Stewie has been blogging for 5 years at her personal (and quite silly) blog, She also likes to stream video games at She guest blogs and does website things at Geek Girl Brunch. And she helps to run, a community dedicated to celebrating the female Larper. You should probably follow her on twitter, @darlingstewie.

The Mad Scientist
Arielle, aka Toasty is a mad scientist who, when not wearing her lab coat, can be seen putting her scientific background to use, dabbling in baking, cooking, and canning. She has a passion for photography and never leaves home without her camera. She drives a big Jeep and loves to go off the beaten path. She enjoys the finer things in life, like tea, bacon and sushi.

She blogs sporadically over at about her hobbies, tea, and adventures. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs.

The Brilliant Tribble
Summer, aka Sumsy, is a Texan by birth and Chicagoan by choice. A theater gal by day (and often by night), she spends her free hours documenting a life full of cats, floral print dresses, and her nerdy exploits on her blog She’s obsessed with murder mystery TV dramas and can usually tell you whodunnit within the first 10 seconds.

A nerd by birth, she loves Doctor Who, the X-Files, and is always looking for a good young adult fantasy novel to read. Her favorite animal is the majestic manatee, and her favorite Star Trek captain is Janeway – though Picard is a close second.

The Force To Be Reckoned With
Hadas is an easily and often amused Brooklynite. Her geek loves vary slightly each IGGPPC round (Are organizing and Chris Hardwick geek loves?). Potter was her best friend growing up, Warcraft taught her how to dance, and Classical Cultures led her to love all forms of literature.

You can find Hadas on Common Room and Twitter.

The Fierce Viking
Rosa is a native Danish viking – or at least she likes to think of herself as such, even though she wouldn’t have lasted a day back then. She spends much of her time baking silly gingerbread people, writing epic letters while listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and reading her much loved fantasy books. She always wears at least one yellow item, and Hogwarts is her personal mind palace.

She blogs over at about her gingerbread projects (as if the name didn’t give that away) and some other stuff that’s almost as cool.

I want to be on Charm Bomb, or I have an idea for a segment!

Fabulous! Email us at, or post a comment here! Or you can head on over to the forums and post a comment there. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

How do I tune in?

We’ll have links soon where you can follow us on iTunes, but until then, stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Twitter for updates.