Charm Bomb # 1 – Animation Celebration

//Charm Bomb # 1 – Animation Celebration

Charm Bomb # 1 – Animation Celebration

StewieSummer, HadasRosa, and Toasty are here for the first ever full episode of Charm Bomb!

NERDY NEWS (00:00:53)- Games turned into movies, Comic Book collabs, Doctor Who/Game of Thrones Crossovers and MORE! Listen as Summer quizzes the hosts!


MAIN DISCUSSION (00:06:03)- April’s sign up theme is Animation! We discuss our favs, your favs, and which animated characters we’d like to be. Listen to find out where our name came from!

FANDOM FAVS (00:47:37)- Every month we’ll pick a fandom to learn about and discuss our favorite or most relatable characters. This time we talked about the pony puberty sensation My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Get your Flank Stamps here!

GEEK LOVES (01:02:57)- As a devout Iggle you already know when signing up for a pen pal each round you need to list 5 Geek Loves. Each month we will share the most unique Geek Loves from a recent sign up!


See Ya Around Iggles!


We turned ourselves into Disney Fairies, in honor of Animation Celebration! Turn yourself into one here and post it in the comments.

Stewie, Rosa, Hadas, Toasty, and Sumsy

To Hear More and Find Out What’s Up in the Club Listen to Iggle Bits!
Ep 1: Animation Celebration Club Updates

Thanks to OmniBoi for letting us use his track Cloudsurfing. Check him out on SoundCloud!

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Hadas is an easily and often amused Brooklynite. Her geek loves vary slightly each IGGPPC round (Are organizing and Chris Hardwick geek loves?). Potter was her best friend growing up, Warcraft taught her how to dance, and Classical Cultures led her to love all forms of literature. You can find Hadas on Common Room and Twitter.