Did you know that DC Comics returned to Eternia in comic book form? I did, but I’ve never taken the time to read them…until now. Let’s talk about some of the He-Man comics to come out of the DC house recently.


First off, let’s talk about the return. In June 2012, DC launched a digital series, Masters of the Universe.

HeManAndMOU1Then in July 2012, the first of what was to be a six-issue series, He-Man Masters of the Universe, was published. The digital series lasted eight issues and tied into the print series. Following the conclusion of the six-issues, the story continued. And here’s where things start to get interesting. In the first six-issues, what we (and DC call) Volume One, He-Man is battling Skeletor who has managed to capture Castle Grayskull and kill the Sorceress. He-Man defeats Skeletor, but Skeletor is whisked away to the side of some other villain who has been manipulating Skeletor.

Following this story line, Volume Two picks up with a sort of wake for the Sorceress which is of course interrupted by Hordak and his army led by Despara. Despara is in fact Adora, the soon-to-become She-Ra.

Is this familiar to anyone? I loved these books because they essentially took the basic story from the cartoon we know and loved and expanded upon it to create a more dynamic and, in many cases, brutal story. In my opinion, it was a brilliant idea to take He-Man and create a more ‘adult’ story with the basic canon. After all, most of the original He-Man fans are grown adults now (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon debuted in 1983 and She-Ra Princess of Power followed in 1985). And my absolute favorite of the cartoons were the ones that introduced She-Ra.

Simultaneous to the Volume two story line, we got a six-issue mini-series that pits our familiar DC heroes against those of Eternia. DC vs. Masters of the Universe is a lot of fun. I mean you’ve got John Constantine and Evil-Lyn!! And Wonder Woman up against Teela.



Currently, we are in the midst of another storyline, The Eternity War. The Eternity War picks up where Volume 2 ended and has the world turned on its head. Teela has become the new Sorceress and also the worshipped by the Snake Men as the sorceress of their goddess, Serpos. The Horde has taken Castle Grayskull, so the good people of Eternia are all at Snake Mountain. Hordak has forged another power sword using He-Man’s blood. And…..


I think you need to read to find out. The Eternity War is actually a current ongoing story. Eternity War #5 will be released on April 29th. I encourage you to check out some classic animation re-imagined and reinvigorated.

Have you read any of the recent He-Man comics? What do you think?