Swaps & Exchanges

So, you’re looking to send something fun and exciting by mail – well you’ve come to the right place! Swaps are much like having a pen pal, because you send magic in the mail, but it’s a one time deal. Sign up for the swap of your choice, and you can send all kinds of things to other Iggles, and get cool stuff back! Some of the swaps we’ve had include sock swaps, mix CD swaps, candy swaps, sticker swaps, postcard swaps and more! You can even run your own swap if you have a fun idea for one.

Official Swaps

These swaps take place at 6 unique times throughout the year, and coincide with a holiday or geeky event we run.

Community-Run Swaps

If you don’t want to wait for 1 of the 6 official swaps, there are community run swaps happening all the time!


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Questions? Contact us using the Swaps Feedback Form. You’re also welcome to email Iggle Swaps any time. Contact the Iggle running the swap for questions about Iggle-Run swaps.

Don’t forget to follow @iggleswaps, where we’ll continue to post swap updates.