IGGPPC 4th Birthday Giveaway with Aerin!

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  • Favorite cake flavor? Does cheese count? as in cheesecake factory’s white chocolate raspberry. YUM

  • Desirae

    Favorite cake flavor? I can say that I’m converting from red velvet to strawberry cake!😊❤️

  • Fave cake flavor? So hard!! Right now I’ll have to say vegan lemon-poppyseed but it changes constantly 😛

  • Kelli

    You can’t go wrong with chocolate. My favorite as a kid was chocolate chip.

  • I’ve always been partial to ice cream cake!

  • Arenaw

    My favorite cake is lemon tart with meringue on it <3 But I'll like nearly all the other flavors too 😀

  • I love mint chocolate chip ice cream cakes.

  • mmapes2

    I think my favorite to order out is a white chocolate raspberry from Publix. If I were to make a cake at home it would probably be lemon with cream cheese frosting :3

  • toasted-stars

    My favourite cake flavour is chocolate-banana. so yum!

  • H

    Favorite cake flavor: Mississippi Mud

  • I still have a lot of my stash from the epic giveaway last year (how as it been a year already?!), but who can resist talking about cake?!!? My favorite cake flavor…for traditional cake is a nice classic butter cake with either really good chocolate or strawberry frosting. For cheesecake…anything pumpkin or turtle cheesecake. Or strawberry. Or white chocolate raspberry. Or…

  • Rachel Gre

    Definitely carrot cake all the way

  • Rachel

    Definitely carrot cake all the way

  • Amanda

    I love a good carrot cake with really nice cream cheese icing!

  • Jc Loh

    Green tea and cream cheese, yum!

  • Brandon Sparks

    I would have to say chocolate cake