We’re turning FOUR years old, and to celebrate, we’ve got some fun gifts for you! One of them is another Birthday Surprise Stash from Aerin! Last year she shared an epic pile of paper goods for our Bookish Birthday, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year!

1. Do you have a favorite childhood birthday memory? Share?
We had a pool + my birthday is in July, so we always had pool parties and my mom would make incredible cakes. I had a cake shaped like Simba, a teddy bear, like Gir and one that was a tower of igloos and frosting penguins! She’s the best.

2. What was your favorite toy/game when you were four years old? 
​Oh god, I can’t remember four days ago let alone when I was four, but I’ll guess my bear puppet, Mr. Bear (creative, I know). I still have him!

3. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were four? 
I’ll guess a teacher. I used to play school a lot with friends.

4. Current top 3 geek loves? 
Calligraphy, Paper crafting + Stardew Valley

5. We’re ordering pizza! Fave toppings? GO! 
I live in CT, so I might be slapped if I said anything other than basil, garlic & mozz 🙂

Thanks, Aerin! We totally want to have some epic birthday cake with you and your adorable family!

Now, on to the giveaway:

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All winners have been notified! Thanks for celebrating our birthday with us!