We’re turning FOUR years old, and to celebrate, we’ve got some fun gifts for you! This giveaway is from our lovely Staff Unicorn, Em Somerville of Em Somerville Illustration! Em’s beautiful artwork is inspired by her love of the quirky, cute, and creepy along with her many adventures. For our 4th birthday, she is generously offering any TWO prints from her store, which you can win below!


1. Do you have a favorite childhood birthday memory? Share?
I never did much for my birthdays as a kid, but my favorite memory is spending my 29th birthday at Tokyo Disneyland, one of my favorite places in the world, and eating Japanese Strawberry Shortcake and what I like to call trash-spaghetti! I was there again a few weeks ago, sharing trash-spaghetti with my bestie.


2. What was your favorite toy/game when you were four years old? 
I always wanted a Stretch Armstrong or a Dino-rider, but my parents didn’t give in..I’m making up for it as an adult though, I now have a growing collection of Dino-riders!

3. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were four? 
An Illustrator! I always dreamed I’d Illustrate kids books. It’s a goal I’m yet to achieve, but still one of my major current goals!

4. Current top 3 geek loves? 
Back to the Future, Dinosaurs, Skeletor, always and forever.

5. We’re ordering pizza! Fave toppings? GO! 
FIRST OF ALL, It’s gotta be stuffed crust for sure. Cheese, pepperoni, olives, chili flakes, garlic oil.

Thanks, Em! We’d watch Back to the Future with you anytime!

Now, on to the giveaway:

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All winners have been notified! Thanks for celebrating our birthday with us!