It’s no secret that being a geek can be expensive. Comic books cost around $4 each, and only tell part of a long story, so to get the whole story, you’d have to buy dozens or hundreds of comic books. Graphic novels are not any better, and even books can be pricey. Don’t even get me started on the price of DVDs and Blu-rays. And toys, oh god the toys!!! The geek entertainment industry basically just wants to bleed geeks dry.

I was recently inspired by Mia and Omar of 2 Broke Geeks and of Geek and Sundry fame. They blog about being broke and being a geek – and many geeks can relate to that. Fear not, geeks! I am here to let you know, that the IGGPPC is the perfect place for broke geeks! Here are 5 reasons why.

Getting paired up with a pen pal costs free fifty.

Via Bobby Robin
You heard it right folks – being matched up with your geek soul mate from across the planet is totes free. And writing them a letter will cost you next to nothing. International postage is a mere $1.15. Also, you can probably scrounge up some stationery from your desk drawers to write a fabulous letter, without having to spend a dime. You’ve probably been hoarding Lisa Frank or Sanrio somewhere, right? If not, there are tons of DIY tutorials to make your OWN envelopes. You could print some off at home, reverse your junk mail envelopes, or upcycle things like old calendar pages, sheet music, cereal boxes, road maps, magazines, or children’s books!

How about doing a gift swap? Those are free to sign up for too.

Gift swaps are a sweet way to exchange presents with a geek and make new friends! The average price tag on our gift swaps ranges from $5 to $15… plus it’s a fun and rewarding way to try to make sure you get your match something they will love. And if we’re being honest, you don’t even have to buy something for your gift swap – there are plenty of swaps where you can trade things you might already have, like tea, stickers, mix-tapes, postcards or candy.

Do one of our challenges!

We’ve got a few fun challenges on our site. They involve watching cartoons, or eating food, or reading comics, or just taking random pictures. And we’re always adding new ones! So why not take a 30 day challenge? It’s free!

You should join our Clubs.

libraryThe IGGPPC has several very awesome Clubs, which are all free. Want to join the Book Club? Breaking news! The library will lend you books! And as long as you return them on time, it’s completely free! As a member of the IGGPPC Book Club, every 5 books you read earns you an achievement! (Which by the way, are also FREE.) Some libraries also rent out movies – which would be great for our Cinema Club as well! And if not, there’s always Netflix which is only $7.99 a month. And if that’s not your speed, why not get moving with our Fitness Club. Or use your camera to snap some pictures with our Photography Club. It can all be done on the cheap!

Start up a conversation with someone around the world on our Forums.

Via Porcelain Face
Our geeky Forums are totally free, and there’s a plethora of geeks from across the globe there. Sometimes we play games, talk about women’s issues, talk about video games, and so much more. And you may not know this, but a good conversation is completely free. So make yourself a hot cup of tea, sit down in front of that screen, and make an online connection with a global geek on our Forums.

I hate to stop at 5, because there is so much more you can do here for free. Just last month, our Online Summer Camp was ALSO free and chock full of nerdiness, YouTube videos, blog posts, crafting, baking, dancing, writing, learning, exercising, sewing, and s’mores. And we actually have a section of our site dedicated to some free graphics we made for you guys as well! And if you missed the mention about our Achievements before, they are actually scattered around the site as we speak, waiting for you to find them! Don’t take my word for it though, scout around and have a fun and free time – without spending a dime! Cheapskates for life!