It’s June and we’re already more than HALF WAY through our 2019 Tabletop Challenge of…

104 games in 52 weeks

What tabletop games have you found interesting? Any new favorites? Join us each month for an overview of last month’s games. Welcome to the table!

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46. Targi

  • Player count: 2
  • Run time: 60
  • Publisher: Kosmos
  • Mechanics: Modular Board, Set Collection, Worker Placement

In this game, players take on the role of leader of a Targi tribe. These desert Tuareg tribes will trade resources (pepper, dates, and camels), seeking to expand their tribe & increase their influence. To do so, players must choose two cards from a grid that changes with each round. Choose wisely!


Via Board Game Geek

47. Treasure Island

  • Player Count: 2-5
  • Run Time: 45 min
  • Publisher: Matagot
  • Mechanics: Hand Management, Line Drawing, Partnerships, Storytelling, Variable Player Powers

This game is chewy in the best way! Maybe that doesn’t make sense. It’s not so dense, SO complex, that casual players cannot enjoy it. Long John Silver’s crew has mutinied and are scouring the island for his treasure. The information they are given is limited and they must find the treasure before Long John escapes. It’s every pirate for themselves! This game includes laminated maps, dry erase markers, and a compass! If it weren’t for a National Parks game, this would have been the Favorite of the Month.


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48. Voltage

  • Player Count: 2
  • Run Time: 15 Min
  • Publisher: Mattel
  • Mechanics: Hand Management, Pattern Building

A simple, two-player abstract game and we found it for less than $10. Four terminals, each represented by a different color, has a positive and negative side. Players place cards of corresponding colors to the terminals, on either side, attempting to achieve the best score for each.


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49. Spirits of the Wild

  • Player Count: 2
  • Run Time: 15 – 30 Min
  • Publisher: Mattel
  • Mechanics: Hand Management, Set Collection

Another two-player that can be found inexpensively, Spirits of the Wild is beautiful in its simplicity. Collect stones and play them to the animals on your board, attempting to complete as many animal constellations as possible. These animals will lend you extra abilities.


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50. Hellboy: The Board Game

  • Player Count: 1-4
  • Run Time: 60 – 90 Min
  • Publisher: Mantic Games
  • Mechanics: Area Movement, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Variable Player Powers

This game is a dream IF you are a fan of Hellboy. Having backed it on Kickstarter, our box has some additions that make deep cuts into the comics lore of Mike Mignola’s creation. But even if you are unfamiliar with Hellboy minutiae, this game is an enjoyable, if heavy-laden, cooperative dungeon crawl. Modular boards, LOTS of miniatures, and hefty challenges.


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51. Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar

  • Player Count: 2 – 4
  • Run Time: 90 Min
  • Publisher: Czech Games Edition
  • Mechanics: Set Collection, Worker Placement

Tzolk’in, playing on the turning of the Mayan calendar, has one of the more cleverly executed boards I’ve come across in our challenge. Interlocked, geared wheels attached to the board and the main wheel is turned once with each round. It is this turn that moves player token through the progression of actions. One full rotation of the main wheel is the entirety of the game, so players must carefully chart their actions to achieve their goals.


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52. Direwild

  • Player Count: 2 – 4
  • Run Time: 60 – 90 Min
  • Publisher: Iron Horde Games
  • Mechanics: Cooperative, Deckbuilding, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Variable Player Powers

Cooperative games are excessively challenging for a reason and Direwild is no exception. Players take on the role of an animist, able to call up monsters and creatures to fight on their behalf. By combining the traits of these creatures, players can strengthen their fighter and must face the minions of Karn and eventually Karn itself!


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53. Trekking the National Parks: Second Edition

  • Player Count: 2 – 5
  • Run Time: 30 – 60 Min
  • Publisher: Underdog Games
  • Mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement, Set Collection

Travel across the United States, collecting trail stones. Claim National Parks by collecting sets of cards. Pitch your tent for bonus abilities. This game plays something like Ticket to Ride but…National Parks!

Favorite of the Month!

I have a real life goal of visiting all the National Parks and this game gives me the virtual alternative. I’m particularly excited that this game is simple enough that I anticipate being able to play with my kids when they’re about 6-8.


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54. Merchants & Marauders

  • Player Count: 2 – 4
  • Run Time: 180 Min
  • Publisher: Z-Man Games
  • Mechanics: Action Point Allowance, Area Movement, Dice Rolling, Pick-up and Deliver, Variable Player Powers

Sandbox games, games with free ranging maps, come in all shapes and skins. Sometimes it’s space, sometimes it’s Middle Earth. Well, welcome to the Caribbean, love! With the sea and islands open for plundering or trade, players captain a vessel. Expand your crew, upgrade your ship, take on cargo. Player actions will determine if they are a pirate or a merchant and the label may change depending on which flag is flying at their next port of call.


This month had perhaps the most perfectly tailored tabletop game for me. What would your dream game look like?

Join me next month for more games from the table!