Hello #IGGPPC Nation.

We have a couple of important announcements to make, so we’ll jump straight to it.

There will be no pen pal round in May

As European iggles might be aware, a new data and privacy legislation (GDPR – read about it here) is coming into effect at the end of May. This means we need to update our privacy policy, terms and disclaimers. We have been working hard on it, but alas we haven’t got it finished and GDPR does have a knock-on effect on other areas of the club. So while we dot the I’s and cross the T’s the club will be on an impromptu hiatus.

Say Goodbye to House Granger…

As a team, we have debated on and off for the last few years about the merits of House Granger and with the incoming GDPR, it has made the decision for us. As of May 1st, we are closing down House Granger. Part of GDPR stipulates that under 16s need written parent consent. We agree with the importance of this safety measure. After a long and difficult discussion, we have concluded that there is no way for us to guarantee or implement the new consent requirement with our current format. While we know this may be disappointing to some, we believe it is the best decision we can make overall, and encourage any young geeks to embrace who you are and what you love. Celebrate the stuff that makes you different– it’s something to be proud of, and we are proud to have gotten to know so many of you over the last 5 years.

…And say Hello to House McGonagall

With the death of House Granger comes the birth of a new house, House McGonagall. Over the years we’ve seen the increasing need for a house that accommodates people over 45 because none of us are getting any younger, and McGonagall will be that house. So from May 1st, you may find yourself in a new house:

  • House Quinn – 17 – 21
  • House GlaDOS – 22 – 29
  • House Organa – 30 – 44
  • House McGonagall – 45+

The minimum age to join IGGPPC will now be 17. That age group is being absorbed into House Quinn, which will now be ages 17-21. Those who are 22 will now be promoted into House GlaDOS.

Staff Ahoy

Over the next few weeks, we will be putting the call out for a couple of new peeps to join the staff to help run the good ship IGGPPC. We’re still working on the role descriptions but keep your eye out for the info soon!

We’ll have more information on the restructuring in the coming weeks. As always, if you have any questions please drop us an email to info@geekgirlpenpals.com