Hello, campers! Today in the Craft Cabin we’re getting into the yarn stash to make these sweet, hero-inspired pieces! Get web slingin’ with this yarn craft in any color your multiverse dictates!

Yarn Craft Supplies:

  • At least two sticks (These can be sticks you find on a hike, popsicle sticks, dowels, ect.)
  • Yarn in any color
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Hot glue and glue gun

Yarn Craft Instructions:

Step One: Glue or tie together two sticks in a plus sign shape. If you use more than two sticks, cross them as evenly as possible.

Step Two: Tie a strand of yarn around the center of the sticks. Wrap yarn in a counter clockwise motion around the stick. (I got it started with black and switched to a colored yarn for better visual. But the process is the same.) Wrap the yarn around the stick and over to the front of the next stick.

Step Three: Rotate the whole thing clockwise and repeat step two by wrapping the yarn around and in front of the next stick as before. Repeat wrapping and rotating until you are ready to change colors. To change colors, cut the yarn and tie the new color to the remaining yarn at some point behind the project and keep going.

Step Four: To finish, tie the remaining yarn behind the project and cut any long ends. And your “web” is done!

Optional Steps: Try wrapping the opposite way around the stick so the connecting yarn ends up behind the next stick to give dimension. Also try wrapping the string multiple times before going to the next stick. Make tassels or fringe when you’re done. Be creative and have fun!

And be sure to post photos of your “webs” on Instagram and Twitter using #IGGPPCamp and #IntoTheYarniverse so we can see your amazing webs!