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Hallowiggles Hallowe’en Party

Join us for our 7th Annual Halloween Party

17-18th October 2020!

Get ready for Halloween movie watch-alongs, games, ghosts, and so much more.


  • When: October 17 12am/00:00 UTC to October 18 12pm/12:00 UTC
  • How to join in: Activities will be listed here and on the Hallowiggles Discord! Then use #IGGPPC and #HALLOWIGGLES to join in on the conversation: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Sign up for Halloween Games!

  • [signups now closed] HALLOWEEN GUESS WHO: This year we’ve got a fun game where you will guess which classic Halloween character other players represent! Players must register prior to the start of the party, so sign up today! 
  • HALLOWEEN DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Join us for a live collaborative storytelling experience loosely based around D&D 5e rules! Sign up here!

The official IGGPPC Halloween Playlist is here! 

Get in the spooky mood with our 2020 Halloween playlist, available on Spotify and YouTube!

The 2020 Halloween Party Schedule

Halloween 2020 Blog Posts:

Hallowiggles 2020: Death, Decay, and Dirt – Vermiculture 101

Decomposers are an important part of the circle of life, but a part that we don’t often like to talk about. Vermiculture opens the door to demystify the deconstruction process through the disposal of food waste and creates nutrient rich compost to plant in to begin the cycle again. The best part is that it is easy and cheap to set up and requires very little maintenance for a great reward!

Hallowiggles 2020: Poison Plant Garden

Over millennia, some plants have adapted toxins into their structures as a protective evolution. These toxins act as a deterrent, sometimes a fatal one, for the animals that eat these plants. But in the same way that a rose makes a lovely addition to a garden, despite its thorns, there are a plethora of poisonous plants that bring beauty to a plot, despite their danger. You may find that you already have some of these plants in your own spaces!

Hallowiggles: Halloween History – A Brief Look to the Past

Though the modern take on Halloween is more commercial than ever, the current festivities can find their roots in the older celebrations from which the holiday as we know it was born. Let’s learn more about the history of Halloween and where it all began.

Hallowiggles 2020: A Witchy Meditation

Unwind with a witchy guided meditation from IggleWellness! A cup of tea, a pile of books, and a feline familiar - this cosy cottage has everything a witch could need for a relaxing evening. You can listen to the meditation or read the transcript below.

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Hallowiggles 2020: Spooky Cake

Get ready because we are going to take a trip to Spooky Town! This Halloween cake recipe will be the centerpiece of your spooky gathering! We'll be starting with the dark chocolate cake, then adding ganache filling, with purple and black chantilly frosting, and finishing off with skulls and bloody bones.

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Hallowiggles 2020: Spoopy Cookie Get-Ready-Along

Ghastly greetings, you spooky party ig-ghouls out there! What's that, you say? You plan to participate in the Spoopy Cookie Decorate-along during our famous and fa-boo-lous Halloween Party? Well, this here is a little prep post to get you ready for our sugary shenanigans.

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