It’s day three of camp, and seems like there was a rocking party at Troop 42’s cabin last night! One too many pan galactic gargle blasters? Please report to Nurse Buffalo’s cabin. And campers, please reach out to us on twitter with any lost & found items you find.

Morning Announcements!

Activity Time!

In the Craft Cabin today, we have Mathilde making some lovely paper flowers to decorate your bunks and in the Mess Hall we have a yummy S’Mores in a Bag recipe! Also, make sure you check out our camp themed Inside the Theme post for more camp fun from your camp staff!

Camp Chatter

At 3p UTC today, join us on Twitter for a camp themed Iggle Chat! Then at 5:30p UTC join Camp Directors Joanna and Summer for a camp themed Charmbomb recording! At 7p UTC Hélène will be sharing her annual Geeky Rebus! Can you solve the puzzles? Once you have, join Iggle Flicks will be hosting a watch along at 9p! And then round out the day with more gaming at 1am UTC (Sunday!)

As a reminder – have you entered our Camp Giveaways yet? Go here to enter now!

Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

Want to show your camp pride off IRL? We added a bunch of camp merch for you to keep camp in your heart all year round!

What does your cabin have planned for today?

Troop 42

Vogons write the 3rd worst poetry in the universe, can we do any worse? Take a trip to the restaurant at the end of the universe and talk with all your extraterrestrial friends!

Troop Slayer

Grab a bowl of Slayer Popcorn and settle in for a watchalong of Fright Night hosted by Counselor Nos4a2!

Troop Wish

We can’t wait to see everyone’s fairytale fashion over at the Closet Cosplay Corner! Today is also the Troop Wish Animal Crossing Swap Meet – maybe we’ll spot some shooting stars…

How is your Troop doing on your Camp Cup points? Has each member of your Troop determined which prompt they’ll complete? Remember! Each camper can only complete one prompt. Check in with your Counselors and encourage your fellow Cabin-mates to get these done fast!

Stories by Starlight with Lore Coordinator Steena

Gather ’round the campfire and get ready for a nightly spooky tale with Lore Coordinator Steena– it’s Stories by Starlight! Tonight’s tale: