Is there anything more relaxing than gazing up at a beautiful starry sky? Unwind with a starlit meditation as Counselor Bibbidi describes a peaceful night at the campsite.

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Meditation transcript:

Welcome to your camp meditation. I’m Counsellor Bibbidi from Troop Wish, and I’d like to invite you to gently and mindfully relax into a peaceful rest.

Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. You can sit or lie down, whatever works best for you. Perhaps you’re cosy in your camp blanket fort. Close your eyes. As you allow your body to settle and relax, bring your attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath in – pause for a moment at the top of the breath – and breathe slowly out. With each deep breath, notice the cool air entering your body and the warm air leaving your body. Feel your body gently rise – pause – and relax as you breathe out.

Picture yourself lying outside under the stars, wrapped up in a cozy sleeping bag. You are in a bubble of warmth – it feels as though your sleeping bag is giving you a big soft fabric hug. Your head is resting on a comfy pillow. Give your body a wiggle inside your sleeping bag – roll your shoulders, and stretch out your arms and legs.

All around you are the sounds of the campsite. You can hear the comforting crackle of the campfire. You can hear your friends’ voices as they settle down for sleep too – you’ve all spent a wonderful day of camp activities together, and you are ready to rest and recharge for tomorrow.

You breathe in deeply. The air is cool. You can smell the freshness of the pine trees and the earthiness of the campfire. With each breath, the stillness and simplicity of this beautiful natural place flows through your body and refreshes you.

Above you can see the most amazing night sky. The sky is a deep purple-blue full of stars. You watch as each tiny star expands as its light gets brighter, and then melts back; expands again; and melts back again. Each star grows and dwindles according to its own rhythm, with each one of the thousands of stars above you pulsing in time with its own unique twinkle. You rest your gaze for a while, savouring the beauty and serenity of this moment you are sharing with the stars.

Your gaze moves now to the moon. It is full, and its light is soft and mellow. You feel the calming, nourishing energy of the moonlight slowly wash over you. It starts at the tips of your toes, and then moves slowly across your legs and your body. As the moonlight touches each part of you, you feel that part lighten and feel more relaxed. You feel the light travel through your arms, your hands, and through your fingers into your fingertips. You feel the light loosen your shoulders and your neck. Finally, the moonlight washes over your head, as if it is clearing your thoughts of today and settling your mind for a calm and tranquil rest.

Cradled in the comfort of your warm sleeping bag, and in the still serenity of the starlight and the moonlight, you gradually melt into a deep, peaceful sleep.