Morning Announcements!

Well, campers, another great IGGPPCamp for the history books! Did you make new friends? New enemies? Discover your long lost secret twin sister? Make sure you let us know on twitter if you get home and are missing anything.

But before you go, we encourage the swapping emails/addresses with your camp friends so you can keep in touch now that camp is over. Oh, and: DON’T FORGET TO CLEAN YOUR BUNK BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

Don’t want camp to end? You can get camp merch from our zazzle store. Proceeds help keep the IGGPPC site running! And you can sign up for a PEN PAL— the August theme is Cryptozoology!

But most importantly…

THANK YOU! Every year, we wonder why the heck we take on such a huge and daunting task, and this year the challenge seemed greater than ever. We want camp to be your happy place. A place where you can celebrate, escape, and be yourself! Our goal in running this community has always been to provide a place to let friendships form. We hope that over these last few days you’ve made a few memories, met a new friend, and maybe eaten a few too many s’mores! We’ll be closing up the camp Discord soon, but make sure to thank your amazing counselors and activity leaders before heading back into the real world! Feeling sad that camp is over? Don’t worry, Nurse Buffalo has you covered with her Guide for Dealing with the Post-Camp Sads.

Did you just stumble into the campsite now?

DON’T WORRY! All our blog posts will still be here, and the Discord will be open through next week for you to participate!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

THANK YOU AGAIN. You are all SERIOUSLY THE BEST. Let us know what you loved (or didn’t!) on our 2020 IGGPPCamp survey!