GOOD MORNING CAMPERS! I hope you night owls got a bit of sleep! I heard lots of screams and giggles from Troop Slayer’s cabin last night. What were y’all up to!? Let me know on twitter.

Morning Announcements!

Activity Time!

So many after dark activities for our campers this evening! Camp Director Joanna is making Constellation String Boards and Sarah is making Glowing Fireworks in a Jar. If crafting gets you thirsty, you can stop by the Mess Hall for Sarah’s Liquid Ghost Drink!

Camp Chatter

Everyone got their flashlights/torches??? We have some fun camp events happening today! Join Camp Director Sumsy in playing some online games at 5p UTC, then at 9p UTC, join Mafalda for our annual Shadows Game. Can you guess what the shapes are? And for the night owls, at 1a UTC (Saturday!) join Joanna for our annual Blanket Fort & Wine Night! Grab your favorite beverage and meet us under the stars! I’ll be there with a mug of hot cocoa, and submit your questions for Jo to talk about! Stay tuned to Twitter and Discord for all the links to join!

Still craving more? Check out the full camp schedule for all the details and to see what’s coming up later this week!

What does your cabin have planned for today?

Troop 42

Its movie night aboard the Troop 42 spaceship and a good hitchhiker always has their towel. Do you know where yours is?

Troop Slayer

Something terrible has happened to Counselor Nos4a2! Can you solve the mystery?

Troop Wish

Are you ready to make some wishes come true? Head to the Troop Wish cabin to make your very own wishing wand!

Get your game face on! Today begins the annual IGGPPCamp Cup Challenge! YOUR TROOP can win the cup by completing a set of 25 photo challenges! Check the details on social media & Discord at 1p UTC!

Stories by Starlight with Lore Coordinator Steena

Gather ’round the campfire and get ready for a nightly spooky tale with Lore Coordinator Steena– it’s Stories by Starlight! Tonight’s tale: