It’s Day Three of IGGPPCamp! We’ve been busy making crafts and making new friends, and now it’s time to craft a friend. Whooo-oo-oo better than the wise owl? Take a nature walk (or a walk down the aisles of your favorite craft store) and find a pine cone to transform into a felt-feathered pine cone owl friend! Get creative with your scraps…any color combination will do. Blathers Approved!

Supplies needed:

  • 1 Pine Cone – any shape will do, just find one that’s big enough to work with
  • 1 Brown Pipe Cleaner
  • 1 Pair of Googly Eyes OR Black and White felt
  • Felt Scraps of various colors to create the Owl’s wings/face/tummy
  • Yellow Felt for the beak
  • Scissors
  • All-Purpose Glue

Pine Cone Owl Instructions:

Using your scissors, cut the scraps of felt to resemble wings, a tummy, and your owl’s face. You can even cut tiny bits of felt to decorate the wings and face. Cut a little beak from the yellow felt.

Cut the pipe cleaner into 4 small pieces. Take 2 of the pieces, and wrap one around the middle of the other to create the owl’s foot. Repeat for the other foot.

Assemble your Owl!

Using All-Purpose or Craft Glue, Glue on the wings, tummy, face, eyes, beak.

Lastly, glue on the pipe cleaner feet.

Oho! Greetings New Friend!!

Once your Owl is finished, allow to dry completely. Then find a perch for them to roost upon!

Whooo-oo-ooo did you add to your parliament of friends?