There’s nothing that can cure a rough day quite like a flower crown. Whether you’re having a bad hair day that needs a little pizzazz or you are planning on hanging with pixies and need to blend in, flower crowns are a must-have addition to any wardrobe! (And who doesn’t need a good floral topping to go with their renaissance faire garb?) But what if you don’t want one of those run-of-the-mill, off-the-rack flower crowns? You are in luck, my friends! Today we’ll be making DIY flower crowns, with easy and affordable components that will have you spreading your glittery wings far and wide!

One of the nice things about homemade flower crowns is that you can spend as much or as little as fits your budget. The silk flowers, floral tape, felt and little sparkly bits all came from the dollar store (Dollar Tree in the US, to be specific) so the price tag was around $7 for everything needed. Hot glue, wire cutters, etc, were already on hand. You can choose your colors and custom fit it to your own head size, too, which is also good.

Supplies needed:

  • Silk flowers (several bunches are good)
  • Floral tape
  • Hot glue gun with extra glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Felt (one small sheet will do–in this case a felt pennant did the trick!)
  • Any small sparkly bits you feel like adding


The first step in making a flower crown is to disassemble the flowers from the bunches they tend to come in. You want to clip as low as possible leaving a lot of wire stem to give yourself plenty of room to work each flower into the longer chain we will be making.

Next, take several flowers (three is a good number to begin) and line them up in a way that they stack one above the other, but have a little space still between each bloom. While you hold them in position, begin wrapping floral tape around the stems so that the three flowers are joined together back into a single strand.

Tip: Floral tape can feel a little sticky but is adjustable and has a little give, so be sure to wrap it tightly or the flowers might come loose! It is also most adhesive when sticking to itself, so be sure to wrap it in such a way that it is layered enough to hold the flowers together.

Once you’ve got the first three flowers wrapped into a single piece, add another flower while you continue to wrap the entire chain with the floral tape. If you need to break off smaller pieces of floral tape, that’s okay– you can also dot a bit of hot glue onto the ends of the tape to ensure that it stays in place.

Repeat this process until you’ve got a chain of flowers that is about the length of the circumference of your head. (Try holding the flower chain around your head every so often to check this, or measure with a bit of yarn or measuring tape.)

Once your flower chain is as long as you’d like, wrap the first flower around until it lines up with the most recently added one, forming a circle with your flower chain. Use more floral tape to wrap the first flower into the last, and secure the end of the floral tape with hot glue if needed to hold the entire circle together.

At this point, you could skip ahead to the felt liner, or you could add a few more layers of flowers if you want to make your crown particularly fluffy and full. Secure the additions with floral tape and hot glue any blooms that don’t sit correctly into place.

Once your crown has reached its full potential (go big or go home, in this example’s case!), it’s time to add a felt lining. The felt does a couple of things: it makes the crown soft against your head, keeps it from slipping on your hair, and keeps your hair or skin from sticking to the floral tape (which can leave a bit of a residue).

Cut strips of felt about 1/2 inch (15mm) wide. They can be any length, though piecing together several smaller strips might be the easiest.

Apply a strip of hot glue to the back of a felt strip, and gently press it onto the inside of your flower crown, making sure it sticks evenly to the floral tape. Repeat until the entire inside of the circle is covered with felt.

Congratulations! You’ve just made a flower crown!

If you want just a little more glitz and glam on your new floral creation, add any sparkly jewels or glitter. Or, y’know, make an entire other flower crown and add the jewels to that. You can never have too many flower crowns, and you will receive zero judgement here if you happen to wind up with an entire bin of them that go with every outfit… Ahem.

Now pop it on your head and let that flower crown joy fill you up from top to bottom. You are one step closer to living your best life!

Share your crown in a photo below, or tell us what color flowers you used!