Since the IGGPCamp sigil cross stitch project was such a big hit and many people expressed interest in doing more, I’ve decided to organize a pattern-of-the-month for you to stitch. So let’s get stitching, and check out this the autumn-themed September cross stitch pattern.

The patterns will be kept relatively simple so that anyone may participate in the stitch-along. Polls will occur on my Twitter (@whoahZoe) to help determine the monthly patterns; suggestions are welcome!! My goal is for it to be a mixture of seasonal/holiday patterns and various fandoms.

September Cross Stitch Pattern

To start us off, we will have a simple pattern for the beginning of the fall season….

autumn tree cross stitch

A tree with autumn foliage!!

Here is the PDF! Right click link and hit “Save as”!


  • 14 or 16 count Aida cloth, 8″ x 8″
  • 6″ diameter embroidery hoop
  • Tapestry needle, size 22-26
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss (DMC brands listed below)
    • 801 (dark coffee brown)
    • 726 (light topaz)
    • 3853 (dark autumn gold)
    • 666 (bright red)
    • 3345 (dark hunter green)
  • Access to printer or phone/computer to view pattern

Tips and Advice

For beginners, I recommend reviewing my post from camp. YouTube also has great resources for beginning stitchers! Here is one such video:

This YouTube channel, Peacock and Fig, has a playlist of 15 videos for cross stitch beginners. Check it out!

Happy stitching!

When you post on Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #IggleStitch to share your progress and see how your fellow Iggles are faring! Feel free to tweet at me or message me on Instagram if you have questions or concerns!

What do you think of this month’s pattern? And more importantly, what pattern would you like to see for October?! Comment below with suggestions!