What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Troop 42! Stick out your thumb and hitch a ride on our spaceship. Let’s eat dinner at the end of the galaxy. Take a chance with the infinite improbability drive. Most importantly: Don’t Panic, and always carry a towel.

Counselors: Marvin, Beeblebrox, Improbability

About Caitlan aka Marvin:
I’m from Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, in the United States region.

Top 5 geek loves: Vogon Poetry, Towel folding, Communicating with the ship, Tea, Not thinking.
Twitter: @NerdyWnderland
Favorite camp activity: Improbability Drive
Favorite camp food: Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
Favorite camp memory: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!

About Mathilde aka Beeblebrox:
Mathilde lives in Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, sector France, where she never went to “colonie de vacances” but had a lot of adventures in the woods on her own. She is waiting all year long for IGGPPC Summer Camp, because it’s her favourite time of the year! She loves cinema, science-fiction, crafting, stargazing and meeting new friends!

Top 5 geek loves: Towels, Saving planets, Improbability, Astronomy, Sandwiches
Twitter: @EiTHELEEN
Favorite camp activity: Sleep under a towel beneath the stars which shine on the desert world of Kakrafoon, then use it to sail a mini raft down the slow heavy River Moth… I also like scavenger hunts (a lot).
Favorite camp food: A 42 cm hot dog (and smore’s)
Favorite camp memory: I’ve never been to real Summer Camp on this Mostly Harmless planet, but I’ve got fond memories of talking with mice.

About Kate aka Improbability:
A book devourer, history geek and tea addict living in the UK with toddler, husband and dog. Wishes she was cool enough to travel the galaxy or become a superhero.

Top 5 geek loves: Hitching a lift to Alpha Centauri (aka sci-fi on film and TV), entering a holonovel (reading fantasy novels), playing a game of holochess (board games), crocheting a troublesome tribble (crafts), and capturing our adventures for the ship’s log (photography).
Twitter: @WroteKateC
Favorite camp activity: Going on a walk, whether on the surface of Magrathea, the forests of Lothlorian or the streets of Ankh-Morpork. Can never say no to a scavenger hunt.
Favorite camp food: “A cup of tea would restore my normality.”
Favorite camp memory: Late night campfires with my crewmates.

Come and spend your summer nights stargazing with Troop Wish! We’ll be sprinkling some fairy dust around IGGPPCamp this year and making all our campers’ wishes come true. Join us in celebrating the magic of fun, friendship, and fantastical s’mores. Welcome to the bibbidi-bobbidi-best camp there is!

Counselors : Bibbidi, SkyeKai, & Jupiter

About Rhiannon aka Bibbidi:
I’m Rhiannon from the UK, also known as Counsellor Bibbidi from Troop Wish! I love all things cute and cosy, so my blanket fort is my favourite place to be. My wish is for everyone to have a wonderful camp!

Top 5 geek loves: Disney, Animal Crossing, Sanrio, baking, and journalling
Twitter: @WritingRhiannon
Favourite camp activity: Blanket fort building
Favourite camp food: Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Favourite camp memory: Troop 626’s epic ink water balloon prank!

About Kai aka SkyeKai:
Vintage Fangirl and Voracious reader, obsessions include Yoga, Jane Austen, Star Wars and Animal Crossing. Jedi Scribe on the blog Fiction State of Mind and a Member of Fangirls Going Rogue’s Fab Five!

Top 5 geek loves: Star Wars, Comics, Anime, Manga, Animation
Twitter: @yogikai
Favourite camp activity: Blanket Fort with a stack of books!
Favourite camp food: Pizza and fruity beverages
Favourite camp memory: All of it! Connecting with amazing campers and doing fun activities.

About Lysette aka Jupiter:
Counselor Jupiter (aka Lysette) is really good at eating snacks. Like….scary good at it. Her other talents include playing with her cat, playing video games, reading too late at night, and watching anime. You can find her on the web at www.raineedayze.com

Top 5 geek loves: anime, DVa, reading, science, kpop
Twitter: @raineedayze
Favourite camp activity: WINE NIGHT
Favourite camp food: SMORES
Favourite camp memory: Demolishing everyone in Jackbox games

Welcome to Troop Slayer, where vampire hunters and those that they seek come face to face. Bound together by friendship and garlic, these brave and curious campers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Spooky mansion? Haunted graveyard? A bump in the night? Troop Slayer is ready to investigate! Grab your stake or sharpen your fangs (or both if you happen to be Blade) – it’s time for some fun and adventure. Welcome to camp!

Counsellors: Nos4a2, Summers, Helsing

About Victoria aka Nos4a2:
Counselor NOS4A2 is quite possibly the thing you hear going bump in the night. But don’t be alarmed! She doesn’t bite, she just misplaced her glasses. With a love of all things extraterrestrial, she will sit with you and gaze at the stars for hours. Was that a UFO? Let’s go find out!

Top 5 geek loves: X-Files, Pokémon, horror movies, What We Do In The Shadows, true crime
Twitter: @youareglib
Favourite camp activity: Watching movies with my troop and group crafts!
Favourite camp food: Grilled hot dogs and sno cones!
Favourite camp memory: Playing Jackbox at camp 2019! It’s when I knew I found my people!

About Sarah aka Summers:
I’ve been an Iggle since shortly after the very first Camp and I’ve loved every minute of it! We’ve been a tight-knit community for a long time now and I am so proud and passionate to be a part of it. One of my very first Troop mates from Troop Lumos is now my fellow Counselor Helsing, and I was honoured to have her as my bridesmaid 2 years ago – she flew all the way from France specially <3. I’m just turning 30 this year (bye bye GlaDos 🙁 ) and love all things Disney and musicals. I stumbled across Buffy later than most but loved Edward Cullen for far longer than I should admit to!

Top 5 geek loves: Harry Potter, sewing clothing, musicals, reading and stationery.
Twitter: @WW_Interlie
Favourite camp activity: Blanket Fort and Wine Night
Favourite camp food: SMORES. ALL THE SMORES
Favourite camp memory: Getting the bot to shout LUMOS whenever our troop was mentioned! It was funny for about 5 minutes and then it did it for three more days…

About Hélène aka Helsing:
Hélène is a night owl, which is very useful to track dark creatures but not very suitable for her muggle job. During the day, you can find her sewing her next outfit, looking for information about dark creatures in books or gathering friends for her next crazy geeky activity. You will always see her with her faithful loon, Ten. Don’t tell anyone, but she is actually too kind to harm any dark creatures…

Top 5 geek loves: Cartoons, Fantasy, sewing, board games, Witch Hat Atelier
Twitter: @Arenaw_h
Favourite camp activity: I can’t miss the Shadow Puppet Game
Favourite camp food: CHOCOLATE, just give me chocolate
Favourite camp memory: I really enjoy the improvised role play last year. It went so wild and funny when we started. It creates the memories that stay in mind for a long time.

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