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Troop Guardian

Welcome to Troop Guardian! Human, raccoon, tree, big, small, or green – we fight for what we believe in and protect the ones who mean the most to us, and we’re doing our best to make our world a better place. It’s exhausting work being a Guardian, so grab some snacks and kick back in the cabin! Whether you’re protecting the galaxy, fighting for love and justice, or defending the Last City – all Guardians are welcome!

Counsellors: Jennifer & Kim

About Jennifer aka Sparks: Hey ya’ll! You might have seen me around, I help out on Iggle Flicks a bunch, and have been hosting Iggle Doodles for a while now. Plus, I am just like super active around the community. This is my second time being counselor (Troop Firebolt for life!), and this is my fourth year at camp, I’ve been part of Troop Croft, Troop Firebolt, & Troop Lumos. I love camp because of all the friendships that are formed and how our little corner of the internet comes together for some s’mores and good times. I have my own little blog: If you ever see me around the campsite (or twitter @jenniibean24) be sure to shout at me and say hi!

Top 5 geek loves: Animal Crossing, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Baking, Pretty Planning
Twitter: @jenniibean24
Favorite camp song:“Moose Juice”
Favorite camp food: S’mores! (and trail mix!)
Favorite camp memory: Hiking & Singing & Campfires! I adored ghost stories and s’mores around the campfire.

About Kim aka Peachy:
Kim is a coffee junkie who loves arts & crafts, retro video games, and fuzzy animals. You can find her on Twitter @ThePeachMartini
or at her blog!

Top 5 geek loves: coffee, video games, Sailor Moon, 80s cartoons, books/reading
Twitter: @ThePeachMartini
Favorite camp song: “We’re Going to Kentucky”
Favorite camp food: Pudgie pies!
Favorite camp memory: We camped at the historic Old Fort (built in 1794) for a night. We scared ourselves silly, telling stories of dead soldiers or settlers who still haunted the Fort. In the middle of the night, there was clanging by the kettle over the cook fire, even though no one was near it!

Troop Lux

Creatures of the Light and Ladies of Luminosity, Welcome to Troop Lux! Like our namesake, we love into the light and bring it with us whenever we go. Rebel scum, Sailor Senshi and Magical Creatures alike. Here, together we will find the path, wherever you need to go. But don’t be mistaken, because fun is our middle name and friendships are guaranteed!

Counsellors: Mafalda & Mercedes

About Mafalda aka Dittany:
JustCombined is our resident Slytherin, a veteran IGGPPCamper, and a lover of all things food-related. If you put it in front of her, she’ll turn it into something delicious! (Is it magic? Mayyyyybe.) She loves her doggo Maggie (and her hubs, too.) You can find her @JustCombined on Twitter and IG, be sure to say hello – Parseltongue greetings accepted!
Top 5 geek loves: Harry Potter, Food, Star Wars, The Sims & Gardening
Twitter: @JustCombined
Favourite camp song: Don’t have one!
Favourite camp food: Smores
Favourite camp memory: I only camp once… So I’ll use a IGGPPCamp memory… Doing the cosplays and all my Shadow Game from all the years I participated, it’s always super fun!

About Mercedes aka Fireball: A little bit sweet. A little bit spicy. A little bit of a hot mess. Fireball here! A new Texan living her best geeky life. A queso enthusiast, a bit of a beer snob, a tad Dick Grayson obsessed, and one who’s true motivation to work out is to perfect her magical girl transformation sequence. She attended many a session of camp in her geeky repressed days so she’s excited she can do it again with the Iggles and let that Geek Flag fly. Hooray for CAMP!

Top 5 geek loves: Sailor Moon, RWBY, DC Comics, Cosplay, Podcasts
Twitter: @Mercedes_Hardin
Favorite camp song:“There’s a boy & a girl in a little canoe….”
Favorite camp food: S’mores
Favorite camp memory: Camp is the best thing to ever happen to me, so everything


Troop Schuyler

Come revel with the rebels! Troop Schuyler takes their inspiration from women who have changed history in ways big and small. With willing hands and hearts, we’re ready to put our minds to work and change the world. Like Eliza Hamilton née Schuyler we’re passionate, determined, and we know that we are always enough. Troop Schuyler is telling the stories of revolutionary women in history, geekdom, athletics, STEM, the arts, and activism. Join us as we blaze new trails with indomitable troop spirit!

Counsellors: Steena & Katherine

About Steena aka Ginger:
Steena is a 30-something lip balm addict with a love of tabletop games, Daphne du Maurier, classic film, the Abhorsen series by Garth Nix, Richard Armitage, comics, and Disney. As a mom of two, she looks to Morticia Addams as her parental inspiration. Living in a prairie state of the USA, Steena is constantly pining for the forests & mountains (see what she did there?). She even has a tattoo of two pine trees based on a quote from the naturalist John Muir which she got at the close of the 2016 IGGPPCamp. Steena only recently learned to enjoy podcasts (despite loving audiobooks forever) and is working through Lore & My Favorite Murder. Have suggestions for another podcast? Find her on Twitter – @steenaleen

Top 5 geek loves: My Favorite Murder, Sailor Moon, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, KDrama, Captain Marvel
Twitter: @steenaleen
Favourite camp song: “Colonel Bogey March”
Favourite camp food: S’mores, but I make mine with Reese’s Cups
Favourite camp memory: The only summer camp I attended was a theatre camp put on by the local Shakespeare Festival. But my family camped quite a bit when I was growing up and my favorite camping memory is meeting a mountain goat on a hiking trail at Glacier National Park.

About Katherine aka Queenie:
Meet Katherine, half of your Troop Schuyler counsellors! (Note the spellings there, she’s the Brit!) For her fourth IGGPPC camp – and her fourth camp ever – Katherine has been inspired by her Great Aunt Audrey who always used to say, “Good Old Queenie!” whenever Queen Elizabeth 2 was on the TV. Katherine can be found most places online as @klff_ so if you have any questions just get in touch. She’s super excited to be co-counsellor with her very first IGGPPC penpal from way back when, and is putting out the bunting to give you a royal welcome to Troop Schuyler!

Top 5 geek loves: Castle, Nathan Fillion in general, Queer Eye, singing, and reading
Twitter: @klff_
Favourite camp song: Five syl-la-ble phrase…
Favourite camp food: Tacos!
Favourite camp memory: I once ‘camped’ inside a village hall with my Brownies troop, does that count?

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Cabin Coordinator

About Amanda aka Sadirasan:
Sadirasan is an IGGPPCamp veteran, with lots of pranks and shenanigans up her sleeve. If you need ideas, she’s your girl! Avid gamer, aspiring sword fighter, sometimes writer, and snuggler of all the critters, you can find her on Twitter & IG @amavongeek. Say hello!

Top 5 geek loves: Star Wars, Abhorsen, Tea, Books, Alice in Wonderland
Twitter: @amavongeek
Favourite camp song: The Ants Go Marching
Favourite camp food: Crispy hot dogs & roasted marshmallows!
Favourite camp memory: Ziplining into the lake with friends was always fun! Making friends that are still penpals to this day is a bonus as well!

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