Welcome Campers, to another great year at IGGPPCamp! Each year, participants of IGGPPCamp are sorted into ‘Troops’. (This is optional– you can still participate in camp if you don’t sign up for a Troop!) These smaller groups are led by 3 counselors who will help organize Troop specific events and activities. Get to know the Campers in your Troop, show your Troop Pride, and collaborate on the Camp Cup Challenge! This page is your handy guide to all of this year’s Troops and the fantastic and illustrious counselors who will be leading them!

Find your way past the mossy trees and into our ring of toadstools, where fairies and fireflies dance in the starlight! All sorts of fae, fauna, and mystical cryptids are welcome to join Troop Toad in creating magic and mischief at camp!
So enter the fairy ring if you dare, for once you step foot among the toadstools, you may never want to leave!

Counselors: Arrietty, Corduroy, & Inkycap

About Brittany (she/her) aka Arrietty:
Brittany aka Counselor Arrietty is a Texas native currently living in Washington, where she loves exploring the great outdoors with her corgi bestie, Peeta. She has a hard time going a full day without doing some kind of art or craft. She is ridiculously excited to get to know her fellow toads and hopefully become friends 4ever. Art website: rebelbeebs.com
Top 5 geek loves: Studio Ghibli, Harry Potter, ACNH, Riot Grrrl, Stranger Things
Twitter: @igglebeebs
Favorite camp activity: Making friendship bracelets!!!!!
Favorite camp food: A steady diet of s’mores for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Favorite camp memory: Finding out how much my dog loves blanket forts

About Sara (they/them) aka Corduroy:
Hi everyone!! I’m Sara, aka Counselor Corduroy, and I’m a long-time camper happy to be a counselor for the very first time! I’m a 23-year-old undergraduate student studying linguistics with minors in history and Spanish. I love music – listening to it, playing it, what have you – and in my free time I write, play video games, and watch a lot of YouTube and Twitch. I also enjoy baking, cross-stitching, and crochet. I’m so thrilled to be a counselor for y’all this year!
Top 5 geek loves: Harry Potter, Dream SMP, Portal, Gravity Falls, Crashbox
Twitter: @risxra
Favorite camp activity: Watch-a-longs
Favorite camp food: Popcorn
Favorite camp memory: Winning Camp Cup with Troop 42!

About Victoria (she/her) aka Inkycap:
Victoria found IGGPPCamp in 2015 and has joined in every year since! You can find her making dandelion crowns in a meadow or searching for cool rocks in the river. When she’s not crafting, she’s going on hikes with friends in elaborate costumes. You can follow Victoria on tiktok @ember.lark or on Instagram @redwineinacoffeecup
Top 5 geek loves: Crafting, ren faires, dnd, nature, lotr
Twitter: @Rogue_Ember
Favorite camp activity: Cabin shenanigans!
Favorite camp food: Toasted marshmallow fluff strawberries!
Favorite camp memory: Having my sister join in for the first time last year

Ahoy there! Troop Scallywag is preparing to set sail for camp with a brave and hearty crew! Have an eye for anything gold and shiny? Strong affinity for eye patches and peg legs? Got a thing for singing sea shanties? Then climb aboard and get ready to talk it through as a crew as we pirate our way across the seven seas!

Counselors Captains: Crafty Kraken, Vic Bonny, Honeycake

About Zoe (she/her) aka Crafty Kraken:
Zoe, aka Witchy, is generally a fan of crafts: witchcraft, arts & crafts and now seacraft! She lives in Pennsylvania with her feline familiar Luna and tries living in a fantasy world as much as adulthood allows. Hailing from House Organa and leader of the IgglesCreate Sunday Crafternoons, this will be her 7th year camping but her first one as a counselor. Let’s talk it through as a crew! Find her on IG @sweet_zoetato and Twitter @whoahZoe
Top 5 geek loves: Gaming, astrology, fantasy, social justice, conventions
Twitter: @whoahZoe
Favorite camp activity: Crafting in blanket forts
Favorite camp food: Fireball’s magical potions
Favorite camp memory: All the friends I made along the way!

About Vic (they/them) aka Vic Bonny:
Avast ye landlubbers! Captain Vic Bonny is ready for a swashbuckling camp experience, just make sure they’re wearing their glasses when reading maps! They love searching for unknown creatures on their sea adventures and will never say no to singing and dancing over a cup of grog and a few oranges, to keep the scurvy away.
Top 5 geek loves: X-Files, Doctor Who, LotR, Pokémon, true crime
Twitter: @youareglib
Favorite camp activity:It’s a two way tie between setting up my fort and watch alongs with my troop!
Favorite camp food: Do mimosas count as food?
Favorite camp memory: My first day as counselor for IGGPPCamp 2020 was truly magical and is a memory I will cherish forever.

About Hannah (she/her) aka Honeycake:
Honeycake (she/her) is a long-time iggle living in Louisville, KY, USA. Honeycake is a member of House Organa. You can find Honeycake reading, playing video games, eating treats, or obsessing over characters. She is very excited to finally be a counselor after years of enjoying camp. She lives with her husband and her seadog, Roo. Her travel dream is to visit the beaches and smugglers’ coves of Cornwall. Campers must have fun or walk the plank! Find her on instagram @hannahsatreat
Top 5 geek loves: The Elder Scrolls, the sea, reading, treats, romance
Twitter: @hannahsatreat
Favorite camp activity: Making treats!
Favorite camp food: Anything s’mores or sweet treats!
Favorite camp memory: Yogi iggle challenge in IGGPPCamp 2016

Welcome to Troop Oasis! A home away from home. A safe place: Your own virtual personal haven. Want to do yoga in the Antarctic or gardening on Mars, even just watch a movie with a friend far far away? In the Oasis you can become anyone and do anything you want. If you can imagine it, you can do it. So pack your bags, grab a comfort item or two, and let’s get away!

Counselors: Phaux, Jaga, & Arcadia

About Caitlan (she/her) aka Phaux:
Caitlan is quite the mysterious one! It’s common that you will find her relaxing and listening to true crime podcast, painting, building miniature rooms, or even gaming. If she had her way it would be Halloween all year round. One dream in her life is to be surrounded by foxes. Find her on twitter at FoxBehindDaTree
Top 5 geek loves: True Crime, Witchy Things, Spooky things, Video Games, Crafts.
Twitter: @FoxBehindDaTree
Favorite camp activity: Making memories
Favorite camp food: all of the snacks!
Favorite camp memory: “Every campfire will be warm, every campfire will have many stories told in front of it” 2020 Camp paintalong

About Judit (she/her) aka Arcadia:
Judit (Judd) lives in a wee village called Gimenells in Catalunya (Spain).
She’s a daydreamer, treehugger and an eternal student.
She’s also a doll maker, scarfs and hats provider, natural born reader, audiobook addict, greenthumb and a bit of a science fiction and fantasy conneisseur.
She’s geek and proud. ?

Instagram juddofalltrades
Neglected blog juddofalltrades.blogspot.com
Top 5 geek loves: Science Fiction and Fantasy, All The Crafts, Gardening, Languages, Theatre
Twitter: @Komorebi_Judd
Favorite camp activity: Crafts and Games
Favorite camp food: Smores
Favorite camp memory: The feeling of belonging and of sisterhood

About Casey (she/her) aka Jaga:
Casey thinks a cottage deep in the forest would make a perfect oasis, especially one on chicken legs so she could travel too. She can be found puttering in her garden, learning to identify edibles to forage, reading a good book in her hammock, or maybe hooking a cozy shawl to gift. In real life she lives in northeastern Ohio.
Top 5 geek loves: Reading, crochet, foraging, tarot, travel and baking reality shows
Favorite camp activity: Sneak attack glitter-bombing her friends
Favorite camp food: Toasted marshmallows
Favorite camp memory: Playing camp-wide Jackbox games

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