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Welcome to Troop Nook! Camp days stretch out ahead of you and this time is to do with as you please. Be it chatting with fellow campers, splashing in the river, or bringing a bushel of fresh fruit back to the cabin to share – the world is your pearl oyster! We’re not just about relaxing in Troop Nook, but making lasting friendships and exploring the world around us. Whether you like to kick back in a hammock, or shake those trees for some treats, you’ll fit right in!

Counselors: Pip & Peachy

About Lily aka Pip: Lily, aka Counselor Pip, can often be found with her nose in a spooky book and thinks that folding down the corner of a page is a truly horrific act (use a scrap of paper, you monster!). She’ll knit you a slouchy hat in your most favorite color, though she’ll only use the very best yarn (as she’s a bit of a fiber-snob). A scribbler of words in notebooks and journals and snail mail, she loves to write anything that comes to mind…and will ramble for pages as the thoughts spin out. Lily’s plumbob is almost always bright green. you can find her on twitter @GirlintheLoo

Top 5 geek loves: Horror Novels, The Sims, Animal Crossing, Stickers, Knitting
Twitter: @GirlintheLoo
Favorite camp song:“Little Bunny Foo Foo”
Favorite camp food: Blackened Marshmallow topped with Sweetened Cacoa on a Light Honeyed Cracker
Favorite camp memory: Making up Troop cheers to the tune of popular songs. I ROCK at that!!

About Kim aka Peachy:
Kim, aka Peachy, is a little bit June and a whole lotta Lucy. It’s not uncommon to find her primping for a pinup shoot, or mashing buttons on her favorite retro gaming console. She’d petition for it to be Christmas and Halloween year-round, and if RavenPuff were a real house, she would definitely be Head Girl. Give her a follow on Twitter or Instagram – @ThePeachMartini

Top 5 geek loves: Retro video games, Stardew Valley, old-school arcades, Harry Potter, Star Wars
Twitter: @ThePeachMartini
Favorite camp song: “Do Your Ears Hang Low”
Favorite camp food: burnt marshmallows
Favorite camp memory: *whispers* I’ve never been to a ‘real’ summer camp…

Hurtling through space in our sleek spaceship, Counselors Pleakly and Jumba are homing in on the IGGPPCamp signal! We’re on the hunt for budding troopers to join our quest for knowledge and extraterrestrial life. Help us figure out just how bacteria saved us from martians, whether we can tune the ship to pull a Crazy Ivan, and the secret of Ohana!

Counsellors: Jumba & Pleakly

About Katherine aka Jumba:
Meet Katherine, half of your Troop 626 counsellors! (Note the spellings there, she’s the Brit!) For her fifth IGGPPC camp – and her fifth camp ever – Katherine is embracing her inner evil genius… though perhaps it’s not all that evil. Whatever. Katherine can be found most places online as @klff_ so if you have any questions just get in touch. She’s super excited to be a counsellor again this year, and will be on the hunt for budding evil geniusises to join her and Counselor Pleakly!

Top 5 geek loves: Nathan Fillion, Disney movies, singing, reading, did I mention Nathan Fillion?
Twitter: @klff_
Favourite camp song: “Sumer Is Icumen In”
Favourite camp food: Microwave s’mores (!)
Favourite camp memory: Winning the Camp Cup last year with Troop Schuyler was the highlight of the year!

About Christina aka Pleakly: Mom of one. Girl scout until 17. Went to camp every year. Was a counselor at Day camp for 5 summers. I love camping so I am totally excited about being a counselor this year. I’ve participated in a few Iggle camps but only sporadically. I’m @kwsw0917 on Twitter and pbgirl on Discord!

Top 5 geek loves: Star trek, CW DC, Game of Thrones, Nerf, pathfinder
Twitter: @kwsw0917
Favorite camp song:“The Billboard song”
Favorite camp food: Muffins made in orange peels
Favorite camp memory: My birthday was over camp. My grandmother made a cake for the whole camp. Everyone sang to me. It was a total surprise. That afternoon we were making Smores and someone whipped their marshmallow around and got it in my hair….


Through the chaos of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, tricksy time-bending phenomena, we’ve come together for the magic that is Camp. If you’ve ever felt called or compelled toward another place and time, we understand you. Dream of meeting a dinosaur, or having tea with Marie Antoinette? Wonder if the Jetsons reality will ever be ours? Bring your old-timey fashion, your futuristic gear, your magical artifacts, and join us! (It’s bigger on the inside, we promise.)

Counsellors: Wibbly-Wobbly & Darko

About Hélène aka Wibbly-Wobbly:
Hélène is a proud Hufflepuff who isn’t afraid to go into the woods at dawn to do crazy geeky activities with her friends. She wishes she could travel in time so she would be able to do everything she planned for one day at last, and her books-I-must-read list would be shorter.
You can find her on Twitter or Instagram : @Arenaw_h

Top 5 geek loves: Harry Potter, Disney, Reading fantasy, Sewing, Dr Who
Twitter: @Arenaw_h
Favourite camp song: The ones i know are in French, my favorite is “Dans la troupe”. A rough translation would be : “In our troop, there are no wooden legs. There are noodles but we can’t see them. The best way to walk, is still ours. It’s putting one foot in front of the other and do it again.”
Favourite camp food: Smooooore’s ! But to be honest, everything with chocolate in it will do xD
Favourite camp memory: I went once to camp when I was young. I kept the feeling it was nice but I don’t remember it well. I have a lot of IGGPPCamp Memories and it’s hard to pick just one… I love when activities bring us together and we had real fun, this is when friendship are made !

About Amanda aka Darko:
Counselor Darko loves to play hide and seek after dark, and is a notorious prankster. Looking for shenanigans? She’s always game. Catch her on Twitter or IG @amavongeek for some plotting. She’s 100%* sure the lake monster is a myth, and it’s totally safe to go in the water.

Top 5 geek loves: Star Wars, D&D, Monsters, Mythology, HEMA
Twitter: @amavongeek
Favourite camp song: The Ants Go Marching
Favourite camp food: Marshmallows – golden brown.
Favourite camp memory: Riding horses! Horse camp only cemented my love of horses. It also introduced me to some of my earliest pen pals. 🙂

Cabin Coordinators!

About Steena aka Whatsit:
Staffer Steena was lucky enough to take part in the 2nd round of IGGPPC pairings & has been lurking since. Her role models are Geena Davis, Morticia Addams, & Carol Danvers. She’s a northern pine transplanted to the prairie. Join her for movie snark & Austenland gifs on Twitter (@steenaleen)!

Top 5 geek loves: Sailor Moon, Marvel, Haunted Mansion, old Hollywood, macabre podcasts
Twitter: @steenaleen
Favourite camp song: “In the Jungle”
Favourite camp food: I have a nostalgia for Tang.
Favourite camp memory: That time my brothers & I were hiking in Glacier National Park and we saw a mountain goat trotting down the trail toward us. We thought it was a big white dog at first, so we just moved to the side and it trotted right past us.

About Mafalda aka Dittany:
JustCombined is our resident Slytherin, a veteran IGGPPCamper, and a lover of all things food-related. If you put it in front of her, she’ll turn it into something delicious! (Is it magic? Mayyyyybe.) You can find her @JustCombined on Twitter and IG, be sure to say hello – Parseltongue greetings accepted!
Top 5 geek loves: Harry Potter, Food, Star Wars, The Sims & Gardening
Twitter: @JustCombined
Favourite camp song: Don’t have one!
Favourite camp food: Smores
Favourite camp memory: I only camp once… So I’ll use a IGGPPCamp memory… Doing the cosplays and all my Shadow Game from all the years I participated, it’s always super fun!

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