Welcome Campers, to another great year at IGGPPCamp! Each year, participants of IGGPPCamp are sorted into ‘Troops’. (This is optional– you can still participate in camp if you don’t sign up for a Troop!) These smaller groups are led by 3 counselors who will help organize Troop specific events and activities. Get to know the Campers in your Troop, show your Troop Pride, and collaborate on the Camp Cup Challenge! This page is your handy guide to all of this year’s Troops and the fantastic and illustrious counselors who will be leading them!

Think happy thoughts and grab some pixie dust, campers! Welcome to Troop Neverland! Be ye a fairy, pirate, merfolk, or “lost camper,” you’ll have a magical time in this troop! Like Peter Pan, Troop Neverland vows to always have fun and never grow up! Just follow the leader, splash in the mermaid lagoon, frolic with fairies, and sail the seas with Hook’s crew. Remember, the second star to the right and straight on till morning!

Counselors: Wendybird, Tizzywing, & Bangarang

About Sarah (she/her) aka Wendybird:
Sarah (Advent Geek Girl) now lives in a small town in Mideastern Wisconsin, but used to also live in North Carolina and Scotland. She is a sixth grade literacy teacher and runs a youth Tabletop Club. AGG is a mother, wife, foodie, and travel-enthusiast in addition to her primary geek addiction as a tabletop gamer. She geeks out over nuns, zombies, and all things sci-fi. She holds a Masters and partial PhD in Film Studies and used to be heavily entrenched in the film festival circuit as a critic and youth film festival curriculum developer. Sarah hails from House Organa and is a child of the 80s. Find more about Sarah on her social media accounts or her blog at http://adventgeekgirl.blogspot.com.
Top 5 geek loves: Tabletop Games/RPG, Marvel, Star Wars, Ghosts (supernatural and ghost shows/movies), Zombies (and zombie shows/movies)
Twitter: @AdventGeekGirl
Favorite camp activity:Friendship Bracelets and Playing Games
Favorite camp food: S’mores, Glow-in-the-Dark Drinks, and Foil Packet Foods
Favorite camp memory: Playing Closet Cosplay dress-up with my daughter

About Kai (she/her) aka Tizzywing:
Massage Therapist Extraordinare, Independent Book Reviewer, Member Of Fangirls Going Rogue Fab 5, Jedi Scribe & Always striving to be a Force for positive change. Find me @yogikai on Twitter and Instagram
Top 5 geek loves: Star Wars, Anime, Comics, Jane Austen, Yoga
Twitter: @yogikai
Favorite camp activity:Blanket Fort
Favorite camp food: s’mores!!!
Favorite camp memory: All the celestial crafts with Troop Wish, Blanket Forts and Camp care packages!

About Victoria (she/her) aka Bangarang:
Victoria lives with her wife, dog, cat, six chickens, two ducks, and a hive of bees. She often can be found making various crafts, homemade sweets, or chaotic tiktoks. She has an obsession with dnd podcasts, true crime, and anything witchy. She has participated in IGGPPCamp since 2015, and can’t wait to be a counselor this year! You can find her @embermagick on TikTok and @Rogue_Ember on Twitter!
Top 5 geek loves: Crafting, D&D, cottagecore, LotR, and thrifting!
Twitter: @Rogue_Ember
Favorite camp activity: Hiking and searching for cryptids!
Favorite camp food: Dip a strawberry in marshmallow fluff, roast over fire. Best thing ever.
Favorite camp memory: Telling ghost stories and singing silly songs as a Girl Scout.

In Troop Quest, an adventure of your choosing awaits. Whether you hunt beasts of legend, sit alongside figures of myth at the Round Table, burgle with dwarves and wizards, or gallivant across space and time, Troop Quest is where you become the Legend. Where will your journey take you? Who will accompany you along the way? Roll initiative and find out at camp!

Counselors : Kelpie, Gamgee, & McGuffin

About Brooke (they/them) aka Kelpie:
Counselor Kelpie lives in the wetlands of the United States, and can often be found drawing, interacting with their domesticated creatures, or enjoying science fiction. While their favorite place to be is underwater, they do enjoy some terrestrial activities, such as making blanket forts, going on adventures, and making new friends.
Top 5 geek loves: Marine life (especially rays, sharks, and whales), drawing, writing fiction, scuba diving, and sci-fi
Twitter: @VilleSea
Favorite camp activity:Anything water related and sitting around the campfire
Favorite camp food: Smores and snow cones
Favorite camp memory: This is my first year participating in camp!

About Vic (they/them) aka Gamgee:
Do you need help fighting giant spiders or an extra pair of hands to get your garden in shape? Counselor Gamgee is thrilled to be a loyal companion on your next adventure, however big or small! They know you need two things for a successful quest and camp: friendship, and a few good taters.
Top 5 geek loves: X-Files, Doctor Who, LotR, Pokémon, true crime
Twitter: @youareglib
Favorite camp activity:It’s a two way tie between setting up my fort and watch alongs with my troop!
Favorite camp food: Do mimosas count as food?
Favorite camp memory: My first day as counselor for IGGPPCamp 2020 was truly magical and is a memory I will cherish forever.

About Kate (she/her) aka McGuffin:
A book devourer, history geek and tea drinker living in the UK. Wishes she was cool enough to travel the galaxy or become a superhero, and looking forward to going on an adventure with you all.
Top 5 geek loves: Adventure stories, exploring a mysterious ruin, board games with friends, learning a new musical instrument, trying new crafts
Twitter: @WroteKateC
Favorite camp activity:Telling tales and singing songs round the campfire
Favorite camp food: S’mores, fresh from the campfire
Favorite camp memory: So many good memories! Being a counselor, playing RPGs and other games, and making a lot of new friends

Our troop is inspired by…..the Legends of Hollywood. While the rest of the world was at war, Hollywood was churning out flicks to help everyone take them away from everyday life. They were transporting us to exotic locations or big cities full of bustle. The media also started to focus more on celebrities. This focus of celebrity showed us pictures of movie premiers, the gowns, the food. These Legends were hoisted up in front of us. These names are still renown today some 80 yrs later.. Garbo, Bogart, Bacall, and Monroe are just a few. Come and join us to do some “Singin’ in the Rain”, visit “Casablanca” or take a trip on the “African Queen”

Counselors: Blvd, Conjuredust, & Echo

About Caitlan (she/her) aka Conjuredust:
Caitlan is quite the mysterious one! It’s common that you will find her relaxing and listening to true crime podcast, painting, building miniature rooms, or even gaming. If she had her way it you be Halloween all year round. One dream in her life is to be surrounded by foxes. Find her on twitter at FoxBehindDaTree
Top 5 geek loves: Animal Crossing, Witchy things, Crafting/DIY, Spooky things, True Crime
Twitter: @FoxBehindDaTree
Favorite camp activity:Making new memories with campers and friends
Favorite camp food: Marshmallows
Favorite camp memory: JimBob Ross Paint Along 2020!

About Christina (she/her) aka Blvd:
HI I’m Christina/ Skippy I have been around since round 6.. This is my 2nd time as a counselor for camp. I look forward to sharing my love of movies with my troop. I’m a mom, I am going back to school part time, and I pay people for a living.
Top 5 geek loves: all things that start with Star. sewing, cycling, medicinal herbs and spices
Twitter: @kwsw0917
Favorite camp activity:Lake activites, swimming, sailing, fishing…( maybe i’ll catch a big one this year)
Favorite camp food: pudgy pies
Favorite camp memory: I went to a session of girl scout camp that taught you about low-impact camping. we learned about digging a hole for our fire, a pit for a refrigerator, and a place for a toilet. my friend’s sister had done this camp before and told us that the toilet was smelly.. so I decided to bring a air freshener.. the magic mushroom kind. we had a plastic grocery bag that we kept it in hung on a branch near our hole..

About Gemma (she/her/they) aka Echo:
Gemma is a simple soul who is happiest when snuggled under a blanket with a cup of tea and her switch. Gemma’s best friend is her Frenchie who is almost always by her side (so if your snacks disappear or you hear a strange noise from your bunks at night it’s probably just him!) She loves the colour lilac, wears sunglasses 365 days a year and likes to pretend that every day is Halloween. Her days are filled with an abundance of magic, creativity, curiosity and love which she can not wait to share with you all! You can find Counsellor Echo on Twitter @gemmilyecho or Instagram @gemmilyacnh
Top 5 geek loves: ACNH, Drag Race, The Dark Crystal, Halloween and WWE! (I’m also obsessed with Space and Dinosaurs)
Twitter: @gemmilyecho
Favorite camp activity: Crafts by day, Star gazing by night (preferably with snacks)
Favorite camp food: S’mores and Campfire Pizzas!
Favorite camp memory: Attempting to build a raft with friends and taking it out into the lake where it quickly came apart and we all ended up in the water! A for effort though, right?

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