Welcome Campers, to another great year at IGGPPCamp! Each year, participants of IGGPPCamp are sorted into ‘Troops’. (This is optional– you can still participate in camp if you don’t sign up for a Troop!) These smaller groups are led by 3 counselors who will help organize Troop specific events and activities. Get to know the Campers in your Troop, show your Troop Pride, and collaborate on the Camp Cup Challenge! This page is your handy guide to all of this year’s Troops and the fantastic and illustrious counselors who will be leading them!

Welcome to Troop Memory! As the years pass something that we hold onto are the memories that we have made along the way. Do you remember your first IGGPPCamp? Your first troop? How about your favorite penpal round or is there something you are looking forward to? Old memories can even make way to new memories in the future. This is indeed a year to remember!

Counselors: Beebsy, Phaux, Marshmallow

Brittany (she/her) aka Beebsy

Brittany aka Counselor Beebsy is a Texas native currently living in Washington, where she loves exploring the great outdoors with her corgi bestie, Peeta. She has a hard time going a full day without doing some kind of art or craft. If she could time travel, she’d go back to the ‘90s. She can’t wait to reminisce on memories and make some amazing new ones with her new friends in Troop Memory!

Top 5 geek loves: Studio Ghibli, ACNH, Harry Potter, Riot Grrrl, All of the crafts!

Favorite camp activity: Friendship bracelets

Favorite camp food: Popcorn and s’mores 😋

Favorite camp memory: Discovering how much my dog loves blanket forts

Caitlan (she/her) aka Phaux

Caitlan is quite the mysterious one! It’s common that you will find her relaxing and listening to true crime podcast, painting, building miniature rooms, or even gaming. If she had her way it would be Halloween all year round. One dream in her life is to be surrounded by foxes.

Top 5 geek loves: True Crime, Witchy Things, Spooky things, Video Games, Crafts

Favorite camp activity: Making memories

Favorite camp food: all of the snacks!

Favorite camp memory: “Every campfire will be warm, every campfire will have many stories told in front of it” 2020 Camp paintalong

Indy (she/her) aka Marshmallow

Hi, I’m Indy, a second generation nerd with a love of tabletop, sewing, and shiny things! I live with my lovely cat in Yorkshire, surrounded by books, comics, and my various hoards. @SnowWriterType

Top 5 geek loves: Dungeons and Dragons, sewing, reading, animated shows, and Disney!

Favorite camp activity: Exchanging postcards with fellow iggles after camp!

Favorite camp food: Marshmallows, of course! The gloopier the better!

Favorite camp memory: Getting to be part of a troop for the first time in 2021!

Hello and welcome to Troop Vortex! We’re so glad you could make it to the now, whenever you might have fallen from – the broken time machine on our cabin roof is under repair, so the time portals that have been spontaneously appearing should close soon … we hope. In the mean time, please avoid falling into one!
If you have, don’t fret! We’ll be getting lost in a lot of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff this weekend, so we’re sure to cross you along your way!

Counselors: Sweetie, Harkness, Elio

Vic (they/them) aka Sweetie

Counselor Sweetie (they/them) is a time traveling alien turned camp counselor when their ride crashed on the Iggle campgrounds. Their fanny pack is bigger on the inside to hold plenty of sunscreen and snacks, and they can be found searching for cool critters to befriend when not performing camp duties. They’re fond of spontaneous adventures and insist bolo ties are cool!

Top 5 geek loves: X-Files, Doctor Who, LotR, Pokémon, true crime
Favorite camp activity:It’s a two way tie between setting up my fort and watch alongs with my troop!
Favorite camp food: Do mimosas count as food?
Favorite camp memory: My first day as counselor for IGGPPCamp 2020 was truly magical and is a memory I will cherish forever.

Mathilde (She/her) aka Harkness

Camp Counselor Harkness (or Mathilde, or Belette) lives in France, but we’re not sure at what time exactly, although she seems to prefer the end of XX century / beginning of XXI century. She’s been waiting all year long for IGGPPC Summer Camp, because it’s her favorite time of the year! She loves cinema, science-fiction, crafting, stargazing and meeting new friends. It’s likely you’ll see her riding a Tardis or a DeLorean to find some yummy snacks from another time and place that she’ll share with the troop. Find her on Discord and Instagram: @matseith

Top 5 geek loves: Doctor Who, Horror movies, Dinosaurs, Disney, Marvel
Favorite camp activity: Scavenger Hunt
Favorite camp food: S’mores
Favorite camp memory: When camper Calamity, camper Billywig and I went to the woods to swede the movie Project Blair Witch and Billywig ended up playing the tent!

Elise aka Elio

Heyo! I’m a university student studying history, and fellow GGPenPal! I love reading, crafting, watching anime (though I haven’t watched much lately), and birdwatching! Pleasure to meet yall!

Top 5 geek loves: Right now it’s historical dramas and fantasy (just started watching The Last Kingdom, and reading A Song of Ice and Fire), crafting, birdwatching and playing Honkai Star Rail!
Favorite camp activity: I’ve only been camping a handful of times, but gathering around the fireplace in the evenings or playing manhunt!
Favorite camp food: Grilled cheese and s’mores!
Favorite camp memory: Attempting (and failing) to make a Blanket Fort

Wanted: Thrill-seekers, adventurers, and other kindred spirits for traipsing through the fabric of space and time in search of the greatest treasure of all – FRIENDSHIP!

Whether you’re from a bygone era or a galaxy yet to be discovered, all are welcome! Grab your favorite goggles and join Troop 13 today! (Not responsible for wayward time bandits; warp at your own risk. Petticoats or airship license not required for participation.)

Counselors: Peachy, Arcadia, Skippy

Kim (she/her) aka Peachy:

Kim, aka Peachy, is a fourth-time counselor who loves coffee, crafts, and cocktails. If she’s not rocking out at the nearest Local H concert, you can likely find her reading by the lakeshore or sneaking snacks from the mess hall. Her favorite part of IGGPPCamp is helping new campers feel welcome and blanket fort & wine night. 
Kim can be found on Twitter and Instagram as ThePeachMartini.

Top 5 geek loves: Coffee, true crime, old-school arcades, Chicago, cocktails
Favorite camp activity: blanket fort & wine night
Favorite camp food: s’mores!
Favorite camp memory: Investigating Four Shadow Island and uncovering the mysteries of the Lake Monster Cult.

 Judit (she/her) aka Arcadia:

Judit (Judd) lives in a wee village called Gimenells in Catalunya (Spain). She’s a daydreamer, treehugger and an eternal student.
She’s also a doll maker, scarfs and hats provider, natural born reader, audiobook addict, greenthumb and a bit of a science fiction and fantasy conneisseur. She’s geek and proud.
Instagram juddofalltrades Neglected blog juddofalltrades.blogspot.com

Top 5 geek loves: Science Fiction and Fantasy, All The Crafts, Gardening, Languages, Theatre
Favorite camp activity: Crafts and Games
Favorite camp food: Smores
Favorite camp memory: The feeling of belonging and of sisterhood

Christina (she/her) aka Skippy:

HI I’m Christina/ Skippy I have been around since round 6. This is my 3rd time as a counselor for camp. I look forward to sharing my love of movies with my troop. I’m a mom, I am going back to school part time, and I pay people for a living.

Top 5 geek loves: all things that start with Star. sewing, cycling, medicinal herbs and spices
Favorite camp activity: Lake activities, swimming, sailing, fishing…( maybe i’ll catch a big one this year)
Favorite camp food: pudgy pies
Favorite camp memory: I went to a session of girl scout camp that taught you about low-impact camping. we learned about digging a hole for our fire, a pit for a refrigerator, and a place for a toilet. my friend’s sister had done this camp before and told us that the toilet was smelly.. so I decided to bring a air freshener.. the magic mushroom kind. we had a plastic grocery bag that we kept it in hung on a branch near our whole.

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