So who’s planning fun things for you to do at camp? Take a gander at these wonderful talented people! They’ll be bringing their creativity, knowledge, and a healthy dose of fun to IGGPPCamp.

Camp Staff

Summer AKA Camp Director Sumsy
Summer is a former ACTUAL summer camp counselor turned VIRTUAL summer camp director. She excels at spreadsheets, blanket forts, and always sings the silliest camp songs the loudest. She’s around on Twitter @TheFinchery.

Joanna AKA Camp Director Jo
Joanna is a semi-professional storyteller with a permanent case of wanderlust and a perpetual art dabbler. She loves national parks, wildlife conservation, geeky conventions, and weird roadside attractions. Come hang @joannavolavka on Instagram or at

Jen AKA Camp Director Jen
Jen is a s’mores connoisseur and will be the first one at the bonfire each night to toast marshmallows. You can connect with her on Twitter @sparklegirljen

Kara AKA Nurse Buffalo
Buffalo is a Counselor Emeritus (#cacaw #mockingjay4ever) turned Camp Nurse who LOVES iggle campers, but if you need someone to hold the bucket for you while you barf magical slugs, you’re on your own! Advice to new campers: don’t turn your back on your s’mores or they may fall victim to a wild Buffalo’s Chomp-and-Run. Troll her Twitter @iggppcampnurse – she checks it when she gets bored in the First Aid Cabin. DFTBA!

Steena AKA Lore Coordinator Steena
As Lore Coordinator, Steena is a spinner of tales and keeper of legends. She’s been a camper since the beginning (Troop Marshwiggle!) and has made friends with the bats and squirrels in the forest. If you’re looking for her around the campground, she’s probably eating pie down by the lake.

Kim AKA Mod (and Happy Hour) Coordinator Peachy
Kim, aka Peachy, is a little bit June and a whole lotta Lucy. It’s not uncommon to find her primping for a pinup shoot, or mashing buttons on her favorite retro gaming console. She’d petition for it to be Christmas and Halloween year-round, and if RavenPuff were a real house, she would definitely be Head Girl.

Mafalda AKA Cabin Specialist Dittany
JustCombined (Cabin Specialist Dittany) is our resident Slytherin, a veteran IGGPPCamper, and a lover of all things food-related. If you put it in front of her, she’ll turn it into something delicious! (Is it magic? Mayyyyybe.) You can find her, @JustCombined, on Twitter and IG, be sure to say hello – Parseltongue greetings accepted!

Amanda AKA Space & Time Coordinator Jinn
Coordinator Jinn came from a galaxy far, far away, and is excited to bring the fun of space and time manipulation to Camp! With a trusty laser sword and an eye on the sky, she’s here to help with all of your time-bending needs. She’ll also make sure you don’t get eaten by the lake monster during story hour…or anything else. Welcome to camp!

Activity Planners

Mathilde AKA Belette / Counselor Beeblebrox
Mathilde lives in France, where she never went to “colonie de vacances” but had a lot of adventures in the woods on her own. Belette is waiting all year long for IGGPPC Summer Camp, because it’s her favourite time of the year. She loves cinema, crafting and meting new friends! You can find her on Twitter @EiTHELEEN

Katherine AKA Camper Pyxis
Meet Katherine, aka Camper Pyxis! For her sixth IGGPPC camp – and her sixth camp ever – she’s returning to one of her oldest geek loves: cross-stitch! No matter if you’re an expert or a complete beginner, she’ll guide you through the whole process to make your very own stitched IGGPPCamp keepsake. If you have any questions about it, you can find her most places online as @klff_.

Rhiannon AKA Counselor Bibbidi
I’m Counsellor Bibbidi of Troop Wish! I love all things cute and crafty. You can find me at @WritingRhiannon on Twitter or camper_rhiannon on Discord.

Caitlan AKA Counselor Marvin
I’m 27 and a mother to a beautiful tiny human! Super nerdy and witchy! I love art, plants, books, video games , movies, etc. You can find me at @NerdyWnderland.

Sarah (AdventGeekGirl) AKA Camper JoD20
Sarah lives in a small town in Wisconsin, but used to also live in North Carolina and Scotland. She is a 6th grade literacy teacher and runs a youth Tabletop Club, but used to be heavily entrenched in the film festival circuit as a critic and youth film festival curriculum developer. In addition to her primary geek addiction as a tabletop gamer, AGG geeks out over nuns, zombies, and all things sci-fi. Sarah hails from House Organa and is a child of the 80s.

Jennifer AKA Sparks
Iggle behind #iggledoodles and Iggle Flicks, lover of cooking & baking, video games, and books. Find me on twitter @jenniibean24 and in the IGGPPC discord (camp) Camper Sparks, (regular) UnicornPrincess245.

Clémence AKA Camper Calamity
Calamity has been running havoc at IGGPPCamp since 2016 and met many friends there. Her specialty is getting into a new obsession every year. If you’re curious about random stuff like Eurovision, figure skating or people dying on the Everest, you can follow her on twitter @marielecun

Hélène AKA Counselor Helsing
Hélène is a night owl, which is very useful to track dark creatures but not very suitable for her muggle job. During the day, you can find her sewing her next outfit, looking for information about dark creatures in books or gathering friends for her next crazy geeky activity. You will always see her with her faithful loon, Ten. Don’t tell anyone, but she is actually too kind to harm any dark creatures… You can find her on Twitter or Instagram : @Arenaw_h

Iggle Flicks
Nerdy Chicks and their Favorite Flicks! We host monthly watch a long of community voted films.

Iggle Doodles
A subgroup under Iggles Create, Iggle doodles puts out monthly, community voted upon, doodle challenges.

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