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This week we’re talking about washi tape!

What is washi tape?

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washi paper

“Washi” is Japanese paper made of traditional natural fibres which is used in crafts like origami. Traditional washi tape is made of that paper with glue applied to form a decorative sticky tape similar to masking tape. It is sold in small rolls and comes in a variety of awesome colours, patterns, and textures. Dedicated stationary shops, bookshops, and Amazon all sell it.

Why we love it:

As washi tape is brightly coloured and can be moved around on shinier paper (although do test individual tapes as glues differ), it can be used in a variety of ways to jazz up your existing crafts and stationary collection. Prices online range from a couple of dollars for twelve rolls of tape in different block colours, to pricier packs for fifteen to twenty dollars, so it’s easy to access on most budgets.

If collecting is your thing, look for different washi tapes featuring different characters or patterns –  change up your washi tapes by season, fandom, or even what you happen to be eating today. And, if your washi tape habit gets serious, you can make or buy washi tape stands to organise it.

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change up your stationary with the seasons with a ditsy floral tape


How to use washi tape?

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create cute bunting with string and washi tape

  • Stick the washi tape around the edges of envelopes or paper to make your letters or notes stand out. Or use it to decorate a DIY envelope.
  • Cut small swatches of tape and use them to mark favourite recipes or pages in reference books.
  • Use washi tape as an alternative to ribbon or sticky tape when you wrap gifts. Make a feature of the tape by using plain brown paper or paper in a contrasting colour.
  • You can use it to highlight different days on a calendar by sticking it around the edges of a particular day – develop a code using different tapes for different days.

Geeks Love recommends:

Washi tape: What’s your favourite way to use it? Or will you always be loyal to stickers?

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