Here at IGGPPC, we love supporting nerdy entrepreneurs and female/femme-empowering small businesses, and introducing you to them as well! And while Jennifer Holmquist (MagicCatJenny) is a familiar face in the IGGPPC community, we wanted to catch up with her about her shop, her creative process, and what she’s currently geeking out about. Plus you can win one of her Nerdy Monster plushies– Iggle! (note: giveaway is US-only)

Thanks so much for chatting with us! Your iggle monster plush design is so cute! What inspired you to design her this way?

All of my past Nerdy Monster plushies have this same little shape; squishy bodies, and little flippers. In my early sketches, I had designed them as sea creatures. So Iggle was made in the old IGGPPC colors, (lime green and purple), and she’s got a little pen pal letter.

Your shop, Nerdy Monsters, has had a wide variety of products over the years. What’s your current favorite item that you stock?

That’s the nature of selling handmade, it can take many different projects to find out what really works. My plushie monsters may not have sold well, but I didn’t give up trying new things. Eventually, I found my way to pinback buttons, magnets, and stickers. I’ve been learning graphic design along the way and though it’s very different from sewing, I’m really enjoying it.

Do you have anything new coming to the shop that you’re excited about?

Pretty much any time I get into a new musical or show or fandom in general, I design new pins for it. Keep an eye on my shop if you want to find out what I’ve been digging lately and know I also take requests and custom orders.

What are you currently geeking out about?

I recently go into the TV show The Magicians and I absolutely love it. It’s Chronicles of Narnia mixed with Harry Potter but they’re college age. I kind of feel like this show was made for me! (Not to mention the Les Mis song in season two. I mean, come on.)

What’s your favorite IGGPPC memory from the past 5 years?

I loved the videos we used to make for the IGGPPC YouTube channel. Editing the intro and blooper reel was extremely fun for me!

And now for the giveaway:

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