Anyone planning to become a time traveller needs to make sure they’re in shape since in most cases you will spend most of your time running and hiding from things. We, at Iggle Fitness, have decided to bring you a variety of exercises from across the ages to help you be prepared for anything in any time. As we can’t send you out on week-long hunting excursions like the ancient nomads we’ll start you from the early 1900’s up to modern days.

We would like you to do an exercise age every other day starting on the first of December and then once you’ve done the four ages, you repeat from the beginning.

We’re starting you off in the 1980’s, time of the aerobic workout tapes, so grab a leotard and your leg warmers and work out to at least 30 minutes of this video.

Travelling back to the 1960’s you’d find that there was such a thing as a Trim Twist, it rotated and moved as you twisted your midsection. As we don’t have or use these anymore, you’ll have to do all the work yourself while you twist your way through your favourite twisty song. Our suggestions are Chubby Checker – The Twist, The Beetles – Twist N ShoutLarry Williams – Bony Maronie and Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock, though you can twist to just about anything! Let us know what you chose.

Going slightly further back in time to the 1950’s, a man named Bill Orban created the 5BX (Five Basic Exercise) program for the Royal Canadian Air Force and it became popular as a workout routine up until the 1970’s. It consisted of touching your toes, sit ups, stretches, push ups and running on the spot. The routine lasts 11 minutes and the idea is to make it more intense each time you do it. Here is a video from the time demonstrating it, skip to 04:49 for the exercise.

To finish off we’ll bring you back through time to a more modern workout, possibly the most popular craze and one of the longer lasting ones of all time… Zumba. We’ve found you this awesome video which gives you step by step instructions for two dance routines. You can do just one or both for this challenge.

We really hope you enjoy this fitness challenge! As usual you can chat with us on Twitter @IggleFitness if you need any motivation or want to share your journey with us.