The 90s provided us with so many amazing television shows and movies which inspired and influenced a lot of us. Since IGGPPC is a pen pal community, I wanted to share some fun 90s-inspired stationery. I have to be honest, I got lost on Etsy looking up 90s nostalgia; that site is chock full of wonderful 90s things.

Without futher ado, onto the stationery!
90s stationery

  1. Empire Records Postcard from Please Deliver To
  2. X-Bits Sticker Sheet from Lacey is a Dork
  3. You Got It Dude Notecard from Cult Paper Shop
  4. Sailor Moon Sticker Pack from Beagle Cakes Art
  5. Beverly Hills 90210 Notebook from Invisible Crown

90s stationery2

  1. Go Green Ranger Go! Postcard from HELLHOUNDdesign
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Postcard from Violintide
  3. FRIENDS Thank You Card from Little Pebble Paper
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Postcard from Please Deliver To

See? There’s some amazing 90s stationery out there that you can pick up to add to your ever-growing stationery stash.