Aaaaand we’re back with our final Everyday Cosplay until Camp is over! This time I am bringing you guys Troop Lumos (my troop btw!).


Troop Lumos earns its name from its counselors’ shared love of all things Harry Potter. Always reaching out in friendship, having members of Troop Lumos around in the dark is quite handy! Campfires are their favorite places to hang, and they love to sit around telling spooky stories or swapping tales with their newfound friends. You can also count on them for good advice and a listening ear.


For a Troop Lumos look, I decided to go with Dumbledore. I didn’t want to go with anyone who wore a house uniform because that would be too easy. So I looked to good ol’ Google to see which of Dumbledore’s costumes I liked and I was kinda drawn to his lavender/grey robes the most.


Dumbledore wears a robe that’s a mix of lavender and greys with really intricate designs on them when seen up close. In order to incorporate all of that, I went first looking for lavender colored items. I found a dress with crochet details on the collar (sizes XL-3X $22.90) and a top that’s sheer so you’ll have to add some layering like the model has (white would make the lavender pop!) (sizes S-L $22.90). I loved the detail on this top so I couldn’t leave it out! Now, because I couldn’t find another dress, I added light grey leggings to this look. These are from Forever 21 but you don’t have to get them from there.

To tie in the robe look, I brought in the grey by using really long cardigans. This adds to the whispy-flowy look of Dumbledore’s outfit. These are the Longline Cardigan (sizes S-L $19.90) and the same Longline Cardigan (sizes XL-3X $17.90).

Now to tie everything together I added a grey hat to bring in his signature hat. This one is the Wide Brim Floppy Fedora ($16.90). For the accessories I’ve got an Elder Wand necklace from Etsy user FandomCreationPlus and a rad leather House pin from Etsy user GotSteam! Now pop on some grey shoes and you’re done!

Despite being an overall complicated look to put together, I am pleased with how this turned out. It doesn’t really deliberately scream Dumbledore but that’s okay! It’s subtle and that’s why I like it.

I will be back after camp with a brand new Everyday Cosplay! I hope that everyone has a great time participating in this year’s camp activities!

Until next time, Iggles!

Keep calm and Everyday Cosplay on!