Around sign up time every month we have a few people getting in touch with us concerned that they are not ‘geeky’ enough to register for a pen pal. I would like to take a moment to dispel this myth…at IGGPPC there is no such thing as being too geeky or not geeky enough. We don’t want ANYONE to feel like they can’t get involved with the IGGPPC community!

We recently released the Top 30 geek loves listed over the first 12 months of the club. That’s the top 30 taken from over 37,500 individual top 5s, realistically those loves are just a drop in the IGGPPC ocean, but I feel like it may have made some people feel that if they don’t like one of those we won’t consider them geeky enough. Well let me tell you, that is not the case.

When we at HQ use the term ‘geek’ we mean it in the B R O A D E S T terms possible. Hell, none of what I would list in my Top 5* would probably even make it into the top 100 geek loves, but does that make me any less geeky than someone who put DW, Sherlock, Potter, Video Games and Comics down? Maybe, if you actually judge people like that, BUT that is NOT what we are about here! You geek out for tea, jane austen, microbiology, david hasselhoff and washi tape? Cool, come in, take a seat, we are all inclusive here!

Geekiness to us is being passionate about something, if you love it hard and spend a portion of your life dedicated to watching/listening/eating/reading/meditating on/drawing pictures of whatever ‘it’ is then honey, you are a geek.

Below is a list of some of the more unusual examples of geek loves we’ve had listed over the last year. We managed to match them so hopefully these will make you feel more at ease about your choices:

  • animals that look like old men
  • the sun
  • my cat
  • Snuggling up on rainy days with a good book or movie and a cup of tea.
  • Fountain Pens (Nib pens, Dip pens, inks, brands, Papers ALL OF IT.)
  • Drinking wierd types of coffee and tea (earl gray with lavender anyone?)
  • helping others find their joy
  • Tom Hiddleston and Richard Armitage in a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice because seriously how awesome would that be??
  • writing?idk if that counts
  • pretty colours and patterns
  • New Kids On The Block

In hindsight what we should have called IGGPPC is the International Pop Culture and Life Lovers Pen Pals Club, but that is even more of a mouth full than what we use now! I hope this has set some minds at ease.

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Want to jump right in? Pen Pal Registration opens from the 15th of every month. Check out the ‘Register For A Pen Pal‘ page to sign up!

Much love to you, my homesquirrels.

Farquharson <3

*FYI My current Top 5 are: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hunter S Thompson, Twin Peaks, Mae West and Roald Dahl