Greetings, fellow animation lovers. It’s the last hour in our monthly celebration – the ANIMATION celebration. And I’ve just realized that I’ve forgotten to tell everyone about some really weird web series that you need to see. My apologies in advance.

Salad Fingers

Creator: David Firth
Website: Newgrounds
Watch all the episodes: Here
I’m gonna start it off on an extremely creepy note, and I really hope this does not turn you away from the rest of the post. But yeah. Salad fingers. Some kind of deranged sociopath and adorable monster who terrifies my husband (seriously, he does). 3 words, guys. Marjory Stewart-Baxter.

Strindberg & Helium

Creator: Erin Perkins, James Bewley and Brian Perkins
Website: Strindberg and Helium
Watch all the episodes: Here
Nihilism meets cute…ism. Strindberg understands the futility of existence, and Helium is like… YAY! LIFE!!!! Too sweet. Their dichotomy cannot be understated. “BLEEEEEDING.” Just watch all 4 adorable episodes, because that’s all there is.

Red Vs Blue

Creator: Rooster Teeth Productions
Website: Rooster Teeth
Watch all the episodes: Here
Hilarity meets sci-fi meets ridiculous in this Halo-inspired short about soldiers on opposing sides of a civil war (Red, versus Blue) and their adventures in the middle of Blood Gulch. Check out season 4, in particular this episode.

Baman and Piderman

Creator: Mondo Media
Website: Mondo Media
Watch all the episodes: Here
So Baman and Piderman are besties. And sometimes Tuba joins them, or Pumpkin, or other random objects. They’re so so silly… and probably horrible at being superheroes. But that does not mean you shouldn’t give them a chance! The episodes are really short, so give them a go.

Charlie the Unicorn

Creator: Jason Steele
Website: Film Cow
Watch all the episodes: Here
Poor poor Charlie. He’s annoyed at his enthusiastic and optimistic friends, who just want to terrorize him with horrible songs, go on adventures, and steal his kidneys. C’est la vie, right? You’ll laugh at Charlie’s angry voice, you’ll cry at the horror of his creepy friends, and you’ll want to run away from everything. Seriously.


Creator: Eric Fensler
Website: Fensler Film
Watch all the episodes: Here
If your childhood has remained unruined up until this point, look no further. Porkchop sandwiches! Body massage! Buzz Lightyear! Just give these PSA’s the chance they deserve, and be sure to check out these three videos.

Homestar Runner

Creator: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, & Craig Zobel
Website: Homestar Runner
Watch all the episodes: On the website, probably. But here is some YouTube magic.
Too too much awesome that I couldn’t even possibly begin to list. Strong Bad Email, Teen Girl Squad, Marzipan’s Answering Machine. It’s just too much. Listen to these sick beats, check out these videos, and come back to me if you don’t like it.

Do you remember any fun episodes of any of these shows, or any other epic animated web series? Post them in a comment!