I love to imagine how this club would be different if some of my favorite fictional characters joined up. Here’s my list of who might join, why they might join, and what you might be able to expect from them. So many Grangers!
Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons
Friendly and opinionated, Lisa has always been a little bit of a black sheep in her family. She would likely want to join the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club in the hopes of finding another smart, strong willed girl (or guy) like herself that she could connect with. Once she’s paired with her perfect geeky soul mate, she’d take to obscure letter writing techniques, like writing in an elaborate code that her pen pal would have to crack. You know, Beautiful Mind type of stuff. Leave it to Lisa to take intelligent pen palling to the next level! If her pen pal turned out to be a republican, however, she’d sever that tie right quick.
Geek Loves: Playing the saxophone, vegetarianism, reading, horses, and liberalism
House: Granger

Kaylee Frye, Firefly
It can get a little lonesome out in the black, and Kaylee is far too friendly not to want to engage pen pals in awesome tales about her travels. Kaylee would definitely connect immediately with whichever pen pal she was paired with, probably shooting off 3 emails in the first day in an effort to get friendly fast. She’d also be tweeting them, Facebooking them, and finding out what other websites they frequent. But truthfully, it would be great to be Kaylee’s pen pal, because she’d definitely send you lots of sweet, thoughtful letters and parcels. Perhaps a hand carved swan or a post digger, who can say.
Geek Loves: Machines, strawberries, fancy dresses, making new friends, and writing erotic friend fiction about Simon
House: Quinn
Mallory Pike, The Baby Sitter’s Club
Any excuse to practice her writing, I suppose! Mallory is a Junior Officer of the Baby Sitter’s Club, but sometimes, yeah, she gets neglected. From being the oddball ginger of the Baby Sitter’s Club, not to mention having 7 siblings, it’s easy for her to seem the “red headed stepchild” of the group. So, she might seek solace in an international geeky friend who loves writing and horses as much as she does. And who knows, maybe she’d end up connecting with a Weasley, or someone else who understands the plight of being a red head from a large family.
Geek Loves: Reading mysteries, horses, writing children’s books, babysitting, trying not to fade into the background at BSC meetings
House: Granger
Queen Padmé Amidala, Star Wars
The demands on a Queen are many, including the hindrance to one’s personal life, and Padmé would join in a hot minute, if only to forget about her status for a little while. We already know Padmé likes to swap places with her handmaidens to catch a little break, and I expect she’d also love an escape into the world of geeky pen pallery. She’s hope to be matched up to someone who is also forced to double life – one day a very important Queen, and the next a normal girl with normal friends, and no one following her around constantly, trying to protect her. It’s got to be hard to make friends with a life like that, and Padmé would hope to meet her perfect geeky soul mate, from a galaxy far far away.
Geek Loves: Politics, role-playing, make up, Asian fashion, and crushing on cute Jedi
House: Granger
Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones
If only to escape the Hell that is being trapped in a castle with the evil child King Joffrey, Sansa would secretly join the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, having Littlefinger sneak her letters in and out of King’s Landing. She would regale her pen pal with the tales of her tortured life, and hope to gain some kind of an escape from the Hell that is her situation. The IGGPPC would be the perfect therapy for the newly orphaned, tortured soul that is sweet Sansa Stark. Perhaps she’d even connect with a kindred soul, who also was forced to marry the murderer of their father. One can only hope…
Geek Loves: Music & poetry, dire wolves, embroidery, my family, and imagining my husband without his head
House: Granger