IGGPPCamp is almost here!
Registration is now closed, and troop assignments have been sent out! Read more about the three troops and their awesome counselors below! (REMINDER – If you missed sign ups, you can still participate in camp without a troop!)

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About the Troops

Troop Firebolt

Troop Firebolt

Troop Firebolt is inspired by the magic of Harry Potter – from flying high in the sky to friendship adventures – with all the potions, charms, and magical creatures along the way. The troop motto: “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” represents our troublemaking side and that natural ability to find ourselves in a pickle every once in awhile. We are a perfect combination of all the houses at Hogwarts, with a Slytherin and a Gryffindor leading the charge!

Troop twitter:  @troopfirebolt

Counselors: Mafalda and Jennifer

About Mafalda aka Dittany: Dittany here, proud Slytherin! Some of the things I love is crafts/diy’s, planners and sewing are two of my new loves! Food is in my head always! Don’t forget movies/tvshows, I love almost everything, but in my reading only romance and paranormal romance! In general, life is good! All of this with hubby and Maggie, plus my awesome iggle/internet family! You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest by my user JustCombined, also I have a “small” blog!
Top 5 geek loves: The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, Arts & Crafts, Books and Food
Twitter: @JustCombined
Favorite camp song: My country don’t have this huge tradition about camping, so I didn’t know any songs… But the lovely Counselor Pumba from Troop Hakuna Matata, show me her favorite song… And sorry, but I’m stilling it… I love it too! Super fun and love the choreography… It’s “Princess Pat”!
Favorite camp food: Marshmallow!
Favorite camp memory: I remember that I spent one weekend on a camping park, where the family of a friend of my had this trailer, where they went when doing vacation, (this was by the beach), and I remember this… At night, we couldn’t go out… So… We had to make pee on a bucket! That was… Yeah! Lol!

About Jennifer aka Sparks:
Jennifer is a member of House GlaDOS, she resides in Oregon, USA, and has been an Iggle for a whole year! You might have seen her over on the Iggle Flicks twitter account, where she hosts watch a longs with her co-hosts. She is a coffee addict, video game enthusiast, enjoys writing, reading & cooking. Camp is one of her very favorite activities that happens in the summer, and is so excited to be a Counselor this year! She is super active on twitter, so be sure to say “Hi!” Visit her at
Top 5 geek loves: Harry Potter, Dragon Age, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Cooking/Baking
Twitter: @UnicornPrincez4
Favorite camp song: *Bursts into song* “THERE WAS A MOOSE, WHO LIKE TO DRINK A LOT OF JUICE!” – “Moose Juice” is by far my favorite camp song! I love that song so much, use to sing it all the time!
Favorite camp food: Omg foooooood! – BBQ banana (sounds weird, but all the sugars caramelize, it’s very yummy!)
Favorite camp memory: Going for night hikes and getting to learn about constellations and watching the stars.

Troop Impala

Troop Imapala

Troop Impala is for rough and tough iggles who kick butt and take names. Whether battling demons, laying down salt, or baking up some pie, we go forth with a keen sense of right and wrong – which doesn’t mean we don’t bend the rules every now and then to get things done. Troop Impala is a family – loyal to a fault. So come on – get in the car, already!

Troop twitter: @troopimpala

Counselors: Liana and Cass

About Liana aka Indigo:
LianaWW is a proud member of House Organa and a brand new Minnesotan who is still hoping to grow up – if she has to at all – to be Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks. She spends her days cooking and watching all kinds of geeky TV and her nights howling at the moon coyote-style. She shares her life with one handsome baseball- and scotch-loving geek and two very naughty cats. She thinks camp is literally the best thing that has ever happened to her.
Top 5 geek loves: Shakespeare, outer space, Doctor Who, Psych, and lately (surprise!) Supernatural
Twitter: @LianaWW
Favorite camp song: I’ve Got Sixpence
Favorite camp food: Pie iron pizza!
Favorite camp memory: Skinny dipping at midnight with all my coworkers at Girl Scout camp.

About Cass aka Ethel Snake:
Hey! I’m Cass, a 23 year old iggle excited to be involved in camp for the first time! You can usually find me in a cafe or at a library carrying out too many books. Right now I’m rereading the Harry Potter books and Going Postal by Terry Pratchett, explaining the camp nickname. And I’m slowly drinking my way through a tea collection that may have gotten a little out of control. No blog yet, but you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, as raylanngivenns. If you need anything, tweet my wonderful co-counselor or myself and we’ll help you out! Join the family business in Troop Impala!
Top 5 geek loves: Ghostbusters (2016), The Office, Harry Potter, Supernatural and dogs
Twitter: @raylanngivenns
Favorite camp song: I don’t remember any camp songs, honest!
Favorite camp food: Chocolate! Or popcorn with lots of salt
Favorite camp memory: I’ve only been on a couple of school ones, but I think it would have been going around in a circle while trying to canoe for the first time!

Troop Serenity

Troop Serenity

Troop Serenity is named for the best ship in ‘verse, the loving home of a band of misfits that became a family. Like the crew of the Firefly spaceship, this troop’s campers are fiercely loyal to them and theirs. They don’t mind breaking a few rules and they aim to misbehave, as long as it’s for a good reason, because they’re also big damn heroes. They know that it takes all sorts to keep the ship flying and that together, we are mighty. Everything is shiny here in Troop Serenity!

Troop twitter: @TroopSerenity

Counselors: Tracey and Michelle

About Tracey aka Cassette:
Tracey started IGGPPC in House GlaDOS and has since graduated to House Organa! She lives in Massachusetts with her cats, who are both the most content when knocking things off her crafting table. She’s a fan of the geek trifecta: Superwholock, and most anything that takes place on a spaceship. She’s an audiobook fiend and a Batman fanatic. If she’s not working on a reading challenge or marathoning a TV show she’s outside letterboxing or looking at the moon and stars. One of her favorite hobbies is finding boardgames at thrift stores and making up new rules for them. She spent many many years as a girlscout and is so excited that she can go back to camp with the Iggles. She’s become quite obsessed with twitter so send her a tweet any time!
Top 5 geek loves: This changes so often, so right now it’s: X-Files, Bat-Family Comics, Reading, Mermaids, and Letterboxing!
Twitter: @traceyevidence
Favorite camp song: The Rattlin’ Bog… It’s way down in the valley-o!
Favorite camp food: Banana Boats! Yummy gooey goodness.
Favorite camp memory: White Water Rafting with the Girl Scouts. A friend fell overboard in the rapids, but like a champ she held tight to her paddle and we rescued her.

About Michelle aka Odie:
Michelle is from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. She was never able to go to camp as a kid so she’s super excited to join in the IGGPPCamp excitement again! She’s a member of House Organa and runs the swaps and book club! She loves reading, space, and really everything geeky.
Top 5 geek loves: Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Reading
Twitter: @MichelleTheresa
Favorite camp song: Baby Bumble Bee
Favorite camp food: Hot dogs and anything with with melted chocolate (preferably not together ?)
Favorite camp memory: All of IGGPPCamp year one!!


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