5 Reasons You Should Read Threadwalkers! (And a Giveaway!)


Rosa likes gingerbread, fantasy books and sweater weather. She is a Ravenclaw, but secretly wishes she was a Hufflepuff, because yellow and badgers and kitchen proximity. You should probably find her on Twitter @RosaSagas.

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  • My favorite time travel story right now would have to be the Game Life Is Strange. I didn’t think I would like it, but even a month after beating it I find myself yearning to play more, desire more, and think about all the choices in the game.

  • Kelli Lewis

    The 5 reasons why sold me on this book. I want to read it now. I love how there is a focus on friendship and family.

  • Jazzy_59

    I haven’t ready many time travel books but this one looks good!!!

  • Alexdrina

    I’m just wondering where I can get this book – I tried to see if it was at my library and it was not. Any suggestions?

    • Joanna

      Hi! It’s only available on Amazon at the moment, but I’m working to get it available through other distributors, which will be able to send it to libraries. It helps if you request it at your local library, too. 🙂

  • Zabisa86

    My favorite book about Time Travel is a manga : Shinobi Life by Shoko Conami. Inspired by Samouraï’s period ans modern Life, with a love story !

  • I love time traveling stories! Can’t just pick one :p The latest one I read was Cursed Child, and while I didn’t really like it as a Harry Potter book, I loved it as a time traveling book.