Can you believe that IGGPPCamp is finally here!? What started as a small idea in the minds of a few iggles, blossomed into a crazy nine day long camp adventure that will take us through blog tutorials, tweet-a-longs, webinars, and much much more! Over the past few weeks, your camp directors at IGGPPCHQ have been hard at work behind the scenes pulling together an awesome schedule of activities for the coming days. We have an AMAZING group of counselors and activities directors who have put so much work into this week. I am so inspired by their dedication and drive! So first – a BIG thank you to all of you!

When I think of summer camp, my mind wanders to hot summer days along the lakefront spent making friends and learning new things. I hope we can capture that spirit this week and that we all meet someone new and try something we never thought we could do! But most of all, camp is about being goofy and having fun! With that in mind…

…Some of your trusty IGGPPCamp Directors have gotten together through the magic of YouTube to put together our own Welcome To Camp video for you!

So! Did you watch the whole thing? Are you excited for camp now?! Leave us a comment below or use the hashtag #IGGPPCamp to let us know what you are most excited for this week! Make sure to keep an eye out for our daily recaps to see if there is anything you missed, and be sure to follow @IGGPPCamp on Twitter!