Greetings IGGPPC nation! We want to thank you all for taking our IGGPPC 2014 and 2015 survey. You spoke, and we listened! (Well, as best as we could anyway.) We are implementing a few changes based on your survey results as well as a few things we thought you would like. We hope these changes will make your overall Iggle experience a fabulous one.

Changes to Houses

Houses are your gateway into the age group during your stay in the magical land of Iggles. We have restructured the age groups for the Houses. They are now as follows:

We are seeking 8 House Prefects to manage our Houses. These Prefects will be taking charge of House bonding, activities among House members, and running the House Common Rooms. These Common Rooms (Forums) have been made private, so please remember to ask your Head of House for the password into your common room. You can find out how to do that on this page.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a House Prefect? Apply here!

Changes to Pen Pal Pairings

We’re pumped to roll out a new feature for our beloved pen pal pairings. It’s the ability to be matched up with someone of the opposite gender! The new system will offer a series of boxes where you can select your own gender and the gender you wish to be paired with. As a reminder, this is not a dating website, so that should never be anyone’s mindset when trying to get a pen pal – no matter what gender you are. Round 20 opens on January 15 and the theme is “Retro video games.” Happy writing!

Changes to Clubs

Clubs are being disbanded. Awww, now don’t cry! They are dissolving, but all the things you could do with the clubs still exist – and your former Club Directors have now been renamed to Head of Activities. These Heads will be coordinating and planning fun activities at least once a month for you guys! If you want to head up an activity, help plan an activity, or join a team of activity planners, you can find out how to apply here!

Introducing our new Calendar!

All those things you could once do in your clubs are now being managed on our lovely new calendar! This beautiful beast will now be your one stop shop for finding out what the former clubs are doing, finding out how you can join in by partaking in their activities, finding out when meet ups and conventions are going on, seeing when pen pal and swaps rounds start and end, and also finding out when staff planned special events are taking place. So much awesome iggle magic! You will never be without something fun to do! This handy calendar is easy to use and it will also allow you to save specific activities to your own personal calendar. Now you will never need to be reminded of when the pen pal rounds open or when swaps rounds are going to close – you can simply add these to your own calendar and voila!

Check out our new Calendar!

New staff member for Zone 2 or 3

it is with a heavy heart that we announce that Emma has left staff to focus on her art, but she is still going to remain in all of our glittery hearts, as well as continue to be a member of our great community. This leaves an opening for our staff, and we would prefer them to be from zone 2 or zone 3. Zone 3, what the heck is that? Some kind of weird science fiction movie? Nope! We operate the club in 3 different zones…
Most of our staff operates in Zone 1 and one person in zone 2 – so we are seeking a new staff member to focus on those in Zone 3 (and zone 2)! You can read more about exactly what is expected of you and apply here!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a staff member? Read more about the role and apply here!

Additional opportunities to Join Our Team

There are a few other roles we hope some of you Iggles might be interested in filling. Check out our “Join our team” page to find out more!

Stay tuned for additional updates, where we will continue to work with your survey feedback and revise other parts of the club as we see fit. We hope you enjoy these new changes and we hope you will continue to submit constructive criticim to us as to how we can improve this great club. Please leave any feedback for us as a comment and let us know if you like these changes or what other changes you hope we will continue to work to implement!

We love you all and hope you have a very safe and Iggly New Year!