So you want to join our team?

We are so thankful that you are interested in helping out our great club! We’re growing every day and we always want to be the best we can be. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly how to get involved, or what parts of our club need a little bit extra attention and TLC. That’s why with our new 2015 revamp – we’re offering up some positions we hope will interest some of you. We want to thank you so much for your interest!

A note on Zones


Our club operates in what we have deemed 3 different time zone areas.
Zone 1: -10, 9, -8, -7, -6, -5, -4 and – 3 Time Zones
Zone 2: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5 Time Zones
Zone 3: +6, +7, +8, +9, +10, +11, +12, -12 and -11 Time Zones

We’re looking for…

“Zone 2” or “Zone 3” Staff Member (1)

As most of our staff operates in Zone 1, we’re seeking a staff member specifically to work with (and preferred to be from) Zone 2 or 3. We would ask that you can commit several hours a week to the club, be willing to encourage Iggles in Zone 2 and 3 to join up and participate, and work with the 9 regular staffers on a daily basis to ensure the club is up and running smoothly. You can read more about what is expect of you on the application page. We promise, we’re fun to work with!

If you think you have what it takes to join a staff of dedicated volunteers who love creating online friendships and fun, click here to fill out our application form now!

House Prefects (8)

We are seeking 2 House Prefects for each House. We would prefer these prefects be in 2 different zones. (Zone 1 and Zone 3, etc) House Prefects do not have to be in the House they will lead, but once they become the Prefect for that house they will honorarily be in that house, and that house will be their passion!. We are seeking 2 Prefects each for the following Houses:

  • House Granger (Iggles ages 13-17)
  • House Quinn (Iggles ages 18-22)
  • House GlaDOS (Iggles ages 23-29)
  • House Organa (Iggles ages 30+)

House Prefect responsibilities include: Coming up with clever ideas for House bonding, leading your House in competitions, organizing a Google hangout with your house mates at least once a month (even if you can’t join in), finding unique ways to connect with your house, managing your House Twitter and Facebook group, spreading the word to your House mates about what is going on in the club, and more.

To apply to be a House Prefect, fill out the application located here.

Head of Activities

Do you want to lead Iggles in fun activities about once a month? Our calendar is a fun and exciting offering we’ve launched in 2015 but we think it could use your special touch. These positions are purely proactive and you will receive little to no guidance from us (but we’re always up for some brainstorming or a good idea!) so you will need to be responsible for taking the charge on this. If you have an interest in doing just 1 activity or a couple activity, and cannot commit to this for the long term, that is fine too! We’re interested in what you want to do!

Here are some activities we would love to see Iggles lead the charge in running on the calendar.

  • Culture and International Iggles – do you have a passion for our world? Want to talk about everything around the world? Let’s make sure our International Club lives up to its name and host a culture inspired monthly activity!
  • Video Games – do you want to play video games with fellow Iggles once a month? Do you have the idea or passion as to how you can proactively host fellow Iggles in video game fun once a month?
  • Writing – do you want to lead iggles in writing challenges? Perhaps get on a Google hangout and talk about writing tips or host a writing competition? Do you want to take charge and host iggles in writing challenges once a month?
  • Cooking – do you love baking, cooking, or creating recipes? Do you want to lead your fellow iggles once a month in a cooking or food related challenge or activity?
  • Photography – do you want to help Toasty with her photo magic? Do you love the Igglebugs? Do you have a passion for photos?
  • Anything you can think of! – If you have an idea, we want to hear it! We love proactive Iggles! Let us know!

To apply to be the Head of an Activity, fill out the application located here.

Bloggers to blog about Zone 2 and 3

We’re seeking bloggers and would prefer them to be from countries besides the United States of America to help contribute more International content to our blog. Perhaps you can talk about TV shows that are more popular in another country outside of the USA, customs or culture in your specific area of the globe, or anything you can think of. We want to improve the overall Internationality of our great club and we need more International bloggers to make that happen. We prefer applicants from Zone 2 and 3.

To apply to be an International blogger, fill out the application located here.