These days I find myself looking to the small things to take my mind off 2020 and all the weirdness that comes with it, so snail mail that isn’t a bill is always a welcome treat! The fine folks at Snailbox sent one of their boxes to Geek Girl Pen Pals to review, and I’d like to tell you a bit about it!

Snailbox is a monthly subscription service featuring high quality, unique greeting cards. Founders Amanda and Zach created Snailbox “with the goal to make unique, high-quality stationery accessible to all, to support independent artists across the world, and to keep people stocked with awesome greeting cards that they’ll be proud to share for years to come.” As someone who procrastinates horribly, and LOATHES shopping for mass-produced greeting cards at the store, I think this is a brilliant idea!

Opening the mailbox and seeing a bright yellow envelope staring back at me was a treat. As soon as I scampered back inside the house, I carefully tore open the envelope to see what goodies were waiting for me. 

(You aren’t the only one, Snailbox!)

I was immediately impressed by the tidy packaging – tucked inside was a bundle of cards, stamps, and stickers/envelope seals wrapped in a cute paper band and protected with a cellophane sleeve.

I spread everything out to get a better look – there are a total of four cards + envelopes, kiss-cut lobster stickers, and even four postage stamps (Forever stamps, so no worries about the value changing – so smart!). They also include a sheet detailing what is in the box, and who the card makers are and a little bit about them. The description of items is a refreshing change from the standard product descriptions – personable and friendly, as if you were shopping with a friend who recommended them. 

The cards are very high quality – heavy weight cardstock and vivid illustrations live up to the curator’s promise of “an aesthetic that exudes both luxury and whimsy.” The cards are coordinated – this batch has two featuring sea-life and two featuring fine feathered friends, and the stickers and stamps match that theme. 

The cards by Cavallini & Co feature beautiful vintage images of crustaceans and birds, as if thumbing through an encyclopedia of creatures. The cardstock is thick and creamy; the contrast of dark ink will look absolutely gorgeous! These cards are blank inside, and would be ideal for scribing your own thoughts for a friend.

The cards designed by Divine Savages are delightfully cheeky, pairing bright illustrations with black text – these two happen to be cards fit for a celebration! The cardstock is stark white, which really makes the images pop! Both are also blank inside for your own sassy notes.

Finally, we have the darling lobster stickers and the Winter Birds postage stamps. The four lobsters are the perfect size to decorate the back of the envelope or to use as a seal; or if you’re like me – you can hoard them for your own personal enjoyment!

Snailbox is a $25/month subscription box, and there is an option to purchase previous boxes. There is also a Mystery Box for $30 which features 5 cards, stickers, stamps, and a stationery item. Need a unique gift idea? You can also purchase as a gift for a snail mail loving friend! Their site is clean and easy to navigate, with all items clearly displayed.

This Peach is pleased as punch to have learned about Snailbox and that I had a chance to review it.