What are the IGGPPC Staff members currently geeking out about in their free time? Hear about the current staff picks in the staff member’s own words below. Links included so you can check things out for yourself and join in the fun!

Summer – Animal Crossing {Game, Nintendo Switch}

Animal Crossing is the perfect 2020 escapism. You live on an island with a bunch of anthropomorphized animals and perform manual labor in order to make the island your own. AND THEN YOU CAN INVITE OVER ALL YOUR FRIENDS. It is such fun and somehow super calming in this weird time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Mafalda – Silhouette Cameo {Crafting Machine}

For years I wanted to have one. A few months ago I had the opportunity to buy one (new to me) and it’s been a wild ride! Some awesome results, some that I want to throw everything through the window! But you can’t stop… It’s an awesome tool if you love papercrafts and want to reach another level.

Kim – Animal Crossing {Game, Nintendo Switch}; Local H {Band}

Animal Crossing is exactly the thing I need right now – being able to just zone out for a bit is so helpful with anxiety with all the things going on in the world. And it’s cool to still be able to hang out with friends in the game – makes it feel like you’re not as isolated. I really love the swimming update and I think I’ve literally spent hours just doing laps around my island.

As for Local H – some of you may remember them from the 90s alternative music scene – they’re a Chicago-based band, and they did “that Copacetic song” (which is really called Bound for the Floor, bee tee dubs). Anywho…I’ve really gone on a binge listening to ALL their albums, and in June they did two outdoor concerts at a drive-in movie theater. You had to stay in your own little parking space, but you could bring lawn chairs, and food, etc. And you had to wear a mask if you were socializing with people or couldn’t keep to the 6 ft guideline. They played a three hour set…and for those glorious three hours, life felt normal again. They’ve also been doing a lot of live streams and the lead singer has been doing virtual guitar lessons where he shows you how to play one of their songs. I love bands like that who take the time to really relate to their fans. (Yes, I’m a fangirl…I can’t help it!)

Amanda – Folklore, Taylor Swift {Artist/Album}

I’m a Taylor fangirl all the time, but this album is beautiful, haunting, and a completely new Taylor adventure. It weaves together a story from different perspectives over the course of the album, and makes for excellent background music while writing or working. Even if she’s not your typical earworm creator of choice, I’d recommend checking it out to see what all the fuss is about…you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Joanna – Mystic Pop-up Bar {TV Show}

I discovered Mystic Pop-up Bar while looking for something new to watch that wouldn’t add stress to my day– and this was a gem of a find! The show is heartwarming and funny and quirky in turns, and I might be laughing one episode or bawling my eyes out the next (in a good way!), but no matter what, it’s always enjoyable.

The show is about a grocery store employee named Han Kang Bae who has an ability to have people tell him their innermost secrets if he touches them, and a 500 year old ghost with an attitude Weol Joo, who must resolve 10,000 grudges for people before her time on earth runs out. They’ve got to find a way to work together as a team to make the deadline. The stories take place across the dream world, the afterlife, 500 years in the past, and the present day, and as they all weave together I am more and more interested in how things will play out.

As a heads up, the show is in Korean with subtitles, so it isn’t a background watch for a non-Korean speaker. It draws me in, though, in a nice way that allows me to let go of everything else around me, and if you’re looking for a little cathartic escapism, I can’t recommend it enough!

Steena – Sherlock Holmes {Book Series/TV Show}

My partner and I are reading the complete Sherlock Holmes together and rewatching the 1980s series starring Jeremy Brett and David Burke. My favorite parts are Watson trying to help Holmes empath. Burke has especially great facial expressions, so much so that there is a Tumblr (CW: Language) dedicated to them. 

Kara – Fake Doctors, Real Friends {Podcast}

It’s a Scrubs re-watch podcast hosted by Zach Braff and Donald Faison, aka the iconic hospital power duo JD and Turk from the show! They provide commentary on each episode and reflect on the show in general. Guest hosts (like Bill Lawrence, the show creator, or some of their co-stars) make occasional appearances and they also Zoom in a fan at the end of each episode. This show was highly influential on me – I basically grew up watching it and have fond memories of leaving it on in the background while I studied during nursing school. I would highly recommend it to anyone who also loves the Scrubs universe.

Jen – Good Girls {TV Show}

Season 3 was just released on Netflix Canada so I’ve been glued to my TV. It’s an addicting show!

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