I was going to do a review this week but I recently found myself in a weird spot on my daily gaming quest last week. I wanted to play Elder Scrolls Online but none of my friends have been available to play the title and the only games we had in common were the free MMO’s and Minecraft. While we usually have fun building remakes of Super Mario 64 levels, I wanted something a little different in multi-player this week and decided to make new friends by joining a community. My efforts only ended up in me failing to find another gamer who wanted to have a nice chat while hunting exp.

    So what are some tips for making long term gaming buddies?


Exploring alone in ESO.

Socialize: Go to your local midnight release to meet other local gamers interested in the same game. If you’re not picking up a game, go with a friend who is. Releases are a great place to talk to other gamers since they’re so willing to find a way to pass time while waiting for the clock to hit midnight.

Reddit: Reddit has a community for literally everything you can think of from Call of Duty to Little Big Planet, there’s a subreddit for that. Most of the time when you post trying to find fellow players you get instant replies and can even private message to set up a safe exchange for your tag.

Network: If you already have friends online try to network out into their other groups. You love your friend and they love your friend as well so you are already off to a great start. Don’t be afraid to be pro active and ask to join other parties, it could be the best decision you ever made online.

Iggles:  Since you’re already here why don’t you sign up for a pen pal using the games you’re playing? Our community is great for matching people up who love the same things and we even have a forum dedicated to gaming you can pop into and post for a play date.

Dive In: If you’re playing a mostly multi-player game there’s usually an option for joining up with other players.  If you are in a game where you can heavily interact like MineCraft it’s a great chance for a connection to be made. Don’t shy away from taking a chance!

Arcades: A lot of bigger cities have arcades you can pay to play in. Everyone in the arcade is almost guaranteed to play games at home as well. Work up a conversation over a Tekken match and see where it goes.

Making friends is easier than it looks


So don’t be shy get out there and find someone!

Just remember that in a lot of these situations the other person is looking for someone to play with too. So you are already starting on the common ground of wanting to connect with another human. Don’t feel intimidated to go out and make your day more pleasant by finding a new friend and playing a good game!

Iggles, feel free to connect below! And as always you can tweet out to us to find a friend or post in the comments below with your gamer tag or email.